Incarcerating Message.

So last Saturday, I received a voice message on my cell. I checked it and it went something like this:

"Hi I am calling in regards for Richard. He's been incarcerated and has a $10,000 bail bond. I just wanted John his brother to know that. So please give us a call as soon as you get this. Bye."

Apparently no number given and no number on my cell. Sorry Richard. I guess he'll be stuck in jail a little longer than usual.



The girls have their little mentalness when it comes to being neat.

Lets start off with Natalie. When we're feeding her (whether it be at a table or on her high chair), she starts to whine and freak out if there is a little morsel of food (i.e. grain of rice, macaroni) either on her table or on her finger. She won't stop whining until she's cleared or we've cleared it. Weirdo.

With Vanessa, her mentalness appears right near bed time. We have a ritual of giving the kids a bath, reading a few bedtime stories, praying, and singing. As soon as we are done, if she sees anything (i.e. toy, book) on her floor she gets upset, picks the object up, takes it to the hallway area, and furiously hurls it to the floor. So what do I do? I'll place a toy on the floor in her room and see her go. She gets visibly more and more upset with tears coming down her eyes. Weirdo.

Yeah, I like to torment my children but it is so funny to observe their quirkiness.

Pacifing Issues.

So in previous posts in the to far distant ago, I had mentioned how Vanessa was able to take her pacifier that was clipped on her off. She would just pull the clip until it came off. So our solution was to sew a ribbon onto the outfit and tie the pacifier to the other end. Natalie has just recently followed suit and now we have a ribbon tied on to her pjs too. Last night though (as well as a few other nights), Vanessa has either figured out how to untie the pacifier from the ribbon or she is just getting lucky. I would not put it past her that she can figure it out. The thing is that we triple not those suckers and try to tie them really tight. But lastnight, somehow in the dark she did it. She cried because her pacifier went missing.

I love pacifiers, but I really hate them too. I just want to get rid of them.


Damn Birds.....

I don't have a problem with birds....that much. Spring must be coming because I hear them chirping in the wee hours of the morning. Fiona likes to keep the window in our bedroom open for the ventilation. I don't mind that except at about 4:00am (or even earlier), there's a bird or two that starts chirping away. Drives me nuts. I thought that I would have gotten a reprieve with day lights savings change but that was not to be.

Fiona thinks that I am nuts when it comes to little sounds keeping me up. The sound of crickets, the turning (and slightest click) of a turning fan, can easily keep me up. I am so sensitive that I can even hear Fiona blink! Pretty soon I will probably be admitted to the nut house. That doesn't change the fact that I can't sleep though. I could wear some ear plugs but then I can hear myself breathe really loud. Sometimes I am tempted to take a long pole, go outside, and start whapping the tree that the bird (or birds) are in (don't worry I won't). Sigh.....


Physical Therapy No More!

Last Wednesday ended up being my last day of physical therapy. It was confirmed this past Friday when I went to the orthopedic's office to get my final evaluation. The actual time I spent with the doctor was literally 2-3 minutes (less than the amount of time that I waited in the waiting room!). I will still feel some residual effects lasting up to an additional 6 months. I think I will end up missing my therapy sessions because it was my work outs for the week.


Great Mannerism.

Sometimes I get a little surprised about how well Jadon's mannerisms can be. For that, I find myself being very proud of him.

Last night we had Taco Bell for dinner. The girls seem to love bean burritos and just gobbled it down. Jadon though, didn't feel like eating. We gave him a soft taco to eat and he ended up eating about a third of it. I told him that if he didn't finish his dinner that he could not have any snacks or desserts (if any). He was fine with that. Well we all ended up heading down to the Irvine Spectrum for some yogurt at Golden Spoon. We had three small cups of yogurt, with the girls sharing one and Fiona and I having our own. I felt bad that Jadon wasn't having any so I decided that he could have some (but limited him). After he ate a certain amount, I told him that that was all he gets. He ended up thanking me for allowing him to eat some ice cream and he also added that I was a "nice dadda." I just looked at Fiona and we both smiled.

I love that kid.