A Little TLC Moment.

Last week I was watching Game 3 of the Lakers-Denver game (Lakers won on the road). Jadon decided that he wanted to watch the Laker game with me. Fiona took the girls out to Target. In the past Jadon would sit with me a few minutes and lose interest. This time around I decided to teach him some basics about basketball. First I drew out the lines on the court on a piece of paper and explained what each one represented (i.e. free throw line, three pointer) and how many points you get depending on where you shoot. Then I paralleled it to the court on TV. Then I quizzed him to make sure he knew what I had explained. I think from that he seem to enjoy the game more. He even told me shortly after "Dadda, I love you." Not only did that melt my heart but now he's a Laker fan. =)


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