Same School.

Next year all three kids are going to the same school (Jadon's current one). We decided to not have the girls' continue at their current one. Fiona felt that the girls' weren't learning a whole lot compared to what they'd learn at Jadon's. Jadon will be going all five days and the girls' are currently enrolled for two days a week (Tues. & Thurs). Although they are on top of the waiting list for three days a week (Mon., Wed., & Fri.). All three of them are quite excited (as are we).


Blogger Minnie Pak said...

Jadon will be entering 1st grade, right? Does he go 5 days a week right now for kindergarten?

7:46 PM  
Blogger a mindless zombie said...

He's in kindergarten right now and goes 5 days a week currently.

7:41 AM  

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