Swimming Lessons Intensified.

Last Monday we started all three kids on swimming lessons. This time around we decided to go with one-on-one training. It's every day, 5-days a week, for three weeks at 15 minutes apiece (although the 15 minutes sounds so little, it actually works out well). The swim teacher came highly recommended. Although it cost significantly more than if we enrolled them in class, we figured when it comes to safety and the kids getting intense training, that there would be no compromise. The kids were getting all geared up last weekend (before lessons). They were discussing who was going to go first. On the first day of lessons, both girls cried their little heads off. Jadon did well. That night the girls told us that they didn't want to go to swim class anymore. We sympathized with them but in our heads we were thinking "too bad, you're still going to go." The next day both girls still cried but it got less and less. By the end of the week, they were begging for more. The swim teacher is that good. The kids' progression is going quite well. They are able to swim with their head in the water for a good five feet unassisted.


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