Singapore'd Out.

The reason why I haven't been blogging lately was because I just got back from a trip to Singapore. I got back about 5 hours ago. We went for two weeks (starting on the 15th). I'm pretty beat so I will fill in the details as the week goes on.


Fillin' Pretty Good.

Jadon had a scheduled dental appointment yesterday to get some fillings done. Believe it or not, he did not cry! Fiona opted to not have the laughing gas used, which saved us 70 bucks. Although he was (from what I heard) curiously antsy. So Jadon was watching the movie Cars with some headphones on while the DDS was working on his teeth. When she administered the shot(s) to numb the area. Jadon would mention it hurting and the DDS would apologize and give him an excuse that she was looking around his teeth and poked him by accident. This visit didn't seem to deter him because he wanted to come back the next day! He got a little toy car from the treasure box and he was a happy happy little camper. I wonder if they take adults.


Still Going....

My exercising is still going after a month and a half. I have changed it up a bit from just running. I actually do some form of "sweating" exercise everyday. In the beginning, I use to try to just run every other day (or 3 times a week) but I pushed that to almost everyday. Then I would mix in a little Billie Blanks' Tae Bo. Fiona bought the dvd a while back and we both have been doing it. You look a little silly at first but you get a nice little work out. Since the fires hit So Cal, I have had to resort to exercising indoors. So it's nothing but Tae Bo. So far my results have yielded me a loss of almost 10 lbs. Yippee! But I still need to lose more.

What Kind Of Language Are They Speaking?

Kids' imaginations can be great along with their made up vocabulary phrases. A lot of the phrases are coming from Jadon and the girls are just picking it up. Here are the phrases that they use (and that I have no clue if they know what they mean):

"Read Wash Ship Shop" - completely clueless as to what that could mean.
"Mad Dash" - Not sure where Jadon got this from but all the kids use this one on each other to piss each other off (which in turns pisses me off).
"Happy Dash" - A variant form of mad dash. They all demand that they are happy dash and once we acknowledge that they are, they are quiet.
"Kreachy Crab" - I am not sure why Jadon started saying this. He just started to say this and just busted out laughing.
"Almost time for the big back show" - Jadon made this up and he says he heard this from a cartoon (which he doesn't remember). Vanessa loves to say it.

Some of the times Fiona and I will play along but then it gets so annoysome at others.

On another note Vanessa is able to count to ten and sing her ABCs. Her voice is really cute. When we ask her to recite it for other people she gets all shy and bashful.