No Time To Blog.

I've been sick and been working up in L.A. as of late. I wanted to blog about Jadon's birthday this past Monday but I'll have to do that perhaps next week (as well as post some pictures).


The Girls' Turned 3!

Yesterday was the girls' birthday. We celebrated it at BJ's Pizza nearby with both folks. Then afterwards we adjourned back to our place for cakes (one each for the girls) and present openings. Fiona's parents got them a few books and the new toddler beds. My parents got them a Disney Princesses puzzle, as well as the Rose Petal Cottage (with all the accessories). The cottage is pretty neat. It's very detailed and quite sturdy. I especially love the stove, washer, and sink accessories. From us, the girls got some laptops. That was probably their favorite.

It was capped off with Jadon acting cranky and then eventually a cry. Natalie and Vanessa on the other hand were in the happiest of moods (especially Natalie). So next up, Jadon's birthday......


I Hate Transitions.

So after a productive weekend of doing a room make over for the girls (replacing beds and dresser) how do I get rewarded? A 2:30am wake up from Vanessa talking and yapping and banging on the door. Boy did I get furious. I went into their room a few more times after that (once to change a stinky diaper). I was up for another hour and half after that. So at 4:00 am I decided to just get dressed for work (that way I wouldn't toss and turn and get up an hour later and end up waking Fiona), went downstairs, and took a quick snooze. Let's just say I am friggin' tired. All I have to say is this better not happen tonight.


Busy Weeks Ahead.

The next week and half (to two weeks) are going to be quite busy, with the girls' birthdays coming up as well as Jadon's. But the big thing keeping me busy will be the room make-overs that we are doing for the kids' room. Jadon's make over is minor. We bought him a desk to put my old computer on. We added a street-themed rug to go with the overall car theme of his room. We'll probably get new bedding and hang up some pictures. I moved his dresser as well. As for the girls, it will be pretty significant. We bought two toddler beds (which we will be transitioning them into), as well as a new dresser (all furniture will be white). So those three pieces of furniture will be assembled. Then I have to disassemble the cribs. There is one place that I could sell them. The thing is I have to bring one of them in at a time (so that means setting up two different appointments). Plus when I take the cribs to the store, I have to reassemble it there! As for the dresser/changing table, I will have to take it down to the local charity and donate it. My back is already creaking at the thought of that. Can't wait for it to be all over (or is it ever over?).


Goodbye Pacifiers!

Yesterday we pushed up the date to get rid of the girls' pacifiers. Originally we were planning to do it on their third birthday (which would have been next week), but then in the morning they were throwing their pacifiers out of the bed. So in a quick ceremony we had the girls say goodbye to their pacifiers and had them throw it away. For the past few weeks we have been prepping them up for this moment. We'd tell them that they are big girls now and that they don't need their 'pacis' anymore (so no more crying). When it was time to put them for their naps and for bedtime, they whimpered and cried (Natalie more so then Vanessa). In place of their 'pacis' they snuggled up with their stuffed dogs that they got from Singapore. Pretty soon we are planning to transition them to toddler beds and hopefully potty train them. Can't wait to go diaper free.