Wii'ed Again.

So I purchased the Nintendo Wii....again (after I had returned it last year). I figured it could be an early birthday present to myself (and I figured I would expose Jadon to the gaming world as well). Actually I went to Circuit City this past Tuesday and inquired if they happened to have anymore. Of course they didn't and apparently it is still being sold out after the first initial day. I called Best Buy up and they ran out as well. So I figured I would wait until the weekend and go early in the morning, wait in line, etc. Well on Wednesday, the family and I went down to the Irvine Spectrum to walk around. We dropped in on the Target store down there and I decided to check and see if they had any Wiis there (which I had doubted). They had three in their display case which surprised me. The clerk said he was surprised as well but that the shipment had just come in that day. So I picked one up. Now I just have to get a few accessories for it (i.e. another controller, charging station). Any recommendations (as far as good active, exercising games)?


Funny But Mean.

Jadon thinks that Fiona can fly. Of course it doesn't help that she tells him that she can. He's asked her to fly but she tells him that she only does it after she puts him and the girls to bed. Then he says that he wants to fly but that he can't. And we go on to tell him that he needs to eat more and get stronger and that he's too young. He asked me the other day if I could fly and I tell him sometimes I do. Fiona's response "But not as good as me." =P