Been A Long Time.....

Since I last blogged. What's been happening:

-Been really busy at work racking up a lot of comp time. I'm no longer hourly which I miss because I could have had a lot of overtime. But my "boss" or the person who doles out the paychecks went cheap on me and switched me over to salaried to save on that.

-Was sick. It was a nasty one too. Probably the worst headache that I have ever experienced mixed that in with a fever, body aches, stuffy nose, and a cough. Not onl that but the kids were sick too (as well as Fiona).

-Natalie has been decent with her potty training. Vanessa on the other hand is a defiant little bugger. She has yet to go poop (with the exception of when she pooped outside of the potty).

That's been it in a nutshell. I got Fiona's birthday to plan for. Yippee!!


I'm Happy To Say.....

That Natalie has gone poopoo in the potty for the first time. Boy was I persistent this morning. I sat her on the potty for 3 times. 3rd times a charm I guess. It was a celebratory affair too. I told her if she went poopoo in the potty, that she would get toys and dessert! Fiona and I would have thought Vanessa would have been the first one. Now Vanessa is on the potty. Our first step towards being a diaper-free household. Yipee!!!