She Almost Gave Me A Heart Attack.

This past Saturday night (Sunday morning), Fiona just about gave me a heart attack. It started out over a year a go where Fiona had this cyst-of-sorts that appeared on her thigh. The doctor said that it's fine as long as it doesn't grow. Well about a month ago it looked like it was advancing. So Fiona had made an appointment with the dermatologist for this past Monday. Well last Friday it got worse. Fiona was feeling pain and was in discomfort. Well in the middle of the night on Saturday (1:30 am), Fiona woke up with a lot of pain. She went to the bathroom to use the toilet. When she stood up and walked over to the sink, she yelled out my name and then "boom!" I woke up groggily (but hurriedly) to where Fiona was. She was on the floor either fainted or knocked out. I picked her up (which in the aftermath I probably shouldn't have done in case she had a spinal injury) and put her on the bed. I called her name but she was nonresponsive. I kept calling her name and then I noticed that there was blood on her forehead. That just made my heart beat even faster. Panic mode was setting in. Then a few seconds later she responded. Oh my gosh what a huge relief. She was out of it. I told her that her that her face was bleeding. As it turned out she had two cuts on her face. She said that her head was throbbing and that her chin and teeth were numb.

I called my parents and they came over to watch the kids while I took Fiona to the E.R. down in Mission Viejo (fyi, they are really really efficient down there). They drugged Fiona up, performed a CAT scan of her head (normal), cut the cyst open to the let the fluids come out and gave her 7 stitches on her face. We were out in about 4 hours. What a day I tell ya. I don't know what I would have done if the worse were to happen. She's my best friend and soulmate. And just the thought of losing my wife brings tears to my eyes.

Now she is recuperating. She is still in discomfort but getting better. I'm grateful for my parents help and I am grateful to God for getting us through this.


Las Vegasversary!

Holy cow! It's been a long time since I last blogged.

This past weekend (actually Monday through Tuesday) we went to Vegas for Fiona and I's 8th Anniversary. If you recall, we went there last year. This time it ended much better with no puking in sight. The kids were great. We stayed at the same hotel as well. This time we stayed for two nights! The first day there we hit up the buffet at Planet Hollywood Hotel (previously Aladdin). That place is probably one of the better ones. After that we roamed the shops and caught a performance show (free of course) with really bendable acrobats. We attempted to go to Excalibur but all the kiddies were getting too tired so we headed back to the hotel.

The following day we headed out to Lake Las Vegas Resort. It was about 30 minutes out from the strip. It was quite refreshing with the greenery from the golf course. Although it still needs work from completion of shops. We followed it up with a stop at Ethel M's Chocolated Factory (the same one that we went to last year). We love their chocolates. Went back to the hotel for a quick rest and then headed out to Excalibur. We were kind of disappointed with that hotel. We bailed from there and headed to the buffet at the Mirage. It was average. Not as good as Planet Hollywood and it cost a few bucks more. After that we went to Circus Circus but the dome was closed! Doh! So we headed to the Midway (at Circus Circus as well) and played some games. Jadon kept on thinking he was going to play games in the Casino. Each kid left with a stuffed flamingo. That was it for that night.

The last day we went to the Palazzo and Venetian Hotels (interconnected). We roamed the forums and took pictures. After that we headed to Caesar's Palace for lunch at Trevi's. Then we ended it off with another visit at Ethel M's. Love their chocolates (did I say that before?).

We got back home at about 7:00pm. The next day (I also had the day off) we dropped Jadon off at school and headed out to Las Brisas for a breakfast buffet. It was located down in Laguna Beach (right off the coast). The sun was out, we had a great view, and breakfast was quite delectable. After that we strolled around and we actually saw some dolphins swimming near the shoreline. That was quite unbelievable.

Well that is it for now. I think I will post some pictures on flickr.