Utter Frustration and Stress.

I had briefly mentioned that the kids and I were involved in a minor accident when we were up in Mammoth a few weeks ago. Fiona was in the restroom at the time. Well in a nut shell, our car was parked (engine on) in line to get our car looked at at Chevron full station service. We waited off to the side of the premises and while that occurred, a camper was maneuvering itself to turn into the gas station to fill up. The driver had plenty of room but hit my car. I approached the driver as he pulled up to the gas pump to inform him that he had hit my car. He wasn't even aware that a collision had a occurred. So after looking at the damages (dent in my rear bumper and scratches along the side of his passenger side camper), we swapped information and that was that.

Well as it turned out, the bastard decided to lie and tell his insurance (as well as mine) that I reversed my car into him. Um he has scratches and I have a dent.....if I backed up into him would he not have a dent as well? Wouldn't he have felt the collision? I actually called the guy to try and appeal to his good senses and tried to challenge him to take the moral path. That was not to be. He wouldn't even let me get in a word edge wise. He said that he "knew exactly how I felt" because he thinks I am lying. So with his rudeness and discourteous manner by constantly interrupting me, I called him an A-Hole and hung up on him. In retrospect, I should have kept calm and I shouldn't have called. I haven't been that angry in a long long time. It was so bad that I lost my lunch appetite and my stomach was just crampy the rest of the day. I was attempting to let my frustration out and it came out wrong. But still, he is an a-hole.

I dealt with his insurance and they too seem inconsistent (don't get me started on my conversation with them). So now both insurances are taking this claim to a third party arbitrator. Although I feel pretty confident in my case (with the pictures and my statement), there is this worry that, what if the bastard wins? Time will tell and I have to just pray, keep a level head, and to not worry about it. Sigh.


Number Two.

Today, at work, we scanned a celebrity but due to patient confidentiality, I cannot name the person. Let's say we'll call him Number Two, a.k.a. Dr. Evil's right hand man. From afar it didn't look like him at all. He has definitely aged, all white hair. As he got closer and we introduced each other, he was definitely recognizable.


My Son.....In Love?

The other day, we rode home after just eating out with my parents for dinner, Jadon said that there is a girl at school that he wants to marry. Fiona and I looked at each other amused but curious. Here's how the conversation went:

Fiona: What's her name?

Jadon: Her name is Jocelyn.

Fiona: Well why do you want to marry her?

Jadon: Well on the first day, she ran after me. Then the next day we didn't play. Yesterday we didn't play. Today she ran after me. (something to that effect)

Fiona: What color hair does she have?

Jadon: Hmmmm....that's a good question. I don't know.

So now Fiona and I are really curious to who she is and what she looks like. So far we have found out that she has brown hair and Jadon continues to say that he loves her. Really cute.


It's Been A While....

....Since I last blogged but I have updated my Flickr site which will show some of the things that have happened.

1) Jadon has now graduated to Green Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

2) Jadon has started kKindergarten.

3) Natalie and Vanessa had their first day of preschool today. They both cried when Fiona and I dropped them off and left.

4) This past weekend we had a family road trip up to Mammoth Lakes. The vacation was met with mixed reviews. It would have turned out fine except someone hit our car.