Another Surreal Moment (Sort of).

It's a little awkward for me to hear my son come home from school, like today, and greet me with a "Hi Pops!"

Trust me, I'm no pops.

Simon Says......

So this past Saturday, after church, the kids were playing 'Simon Says.' I think the girls have just recently played it in class. So this is what Natalie said, "Put Simon on your shoulders." She doesn't quite get the concept just yet. Heeehehehe


Classical Musical Exposed.

Last night our church was holding an event called "An Evening Of Classical Music." We figured it would be a good chance to expose the kids to some. For the most part they seemed to have enjoyed it (at least in the beginning). With the exception of some grumpiness, the kids were ok. Jadon cried once as well as Vanessa. I think they were getting tired. The program lasted from 7:00 pm to shortly after 9:00 pm. Some of the pieces that they played were by Bach, Liszt, Chopin, John Williams and some others that I forgot. I realized that the kids hadn't seen some of the instruments that were played, like the harp, xylophone, and even trumpet. So that was a good experience for us.


Animal Cruelty!

So this morning I get a call from Fiona telling me that Dorothy (the goldfish) has passed away. Jadon told Fiona that Dorothy was swimming on it's side. When I got home, Fiona told me the rest of the story. I asked her if she flushed Dorothy down the toilet. She said that she put her in the kitchen sink and ran the disposal! I told her that was animal cruelty and that the proper way to dispose of a pet fish is to flush it. Her rebuttal was we put dead meat down the drain all the time and run the disposal. How mean is that!



Fiona decided that it was time for a pet. She thought it would be something the kids should experience. So on Saturday (her birthday) we went to the pet store and got....a goldfish! Woohoo! The kids were super excited. They decided on a name, Dorothy (named after Elmo's goldfish). The kids pronounce it "Dor-fee." At first Fiona had this little fish bowl that she got from Michaels. After the first day Fiona wanted to upgrade to a bigger bowl and get Dorothy a friend. So we went to our local PetSmart and got a half gallon bowl and another goldfish named Toto. So now the kids have two fishies.