Terrible twos are getting worse.

Jadon has hit his "terrible two's" months back but boy things are getting worse. Pretty much at the age of two, most toddlers go through a phase where they throw tantrums and fits and their sensitivity is even more heightened (keep in mind that Jadon is already sensitive). Jadon is getting there. He's been crying and whining a lot. And he's a little more defiant. For example:
-Jadon was touching the computer printer. I'll calmly tell Jadon not to touch it and he will continue to touch it. I'll raise my voice a little more and he'll touch it knowing that I am getting upset. He'll then just slap it while keeping eye contact with me. Just sheer defiant look in his face.
-Another instance was when either Fiona or I will be in the kitchen and he'll be there doing something he's not suppose to do. We'll try politely try to shoo him away by telling him to go play with some of his toys. He's so sensitive that he breaks on into a cry with full-on tears.
-One time I was about to go downstairs. Jadon was holding onto his 'doggie' and I politely asked him to put it in the crib. He busted out in a wail. I just rolled my eyes and slapped myself.
-I decided to take Jadon to Toy's R Us and scope out some possible Christmas presents for him. Fiona has been talking about getting him a Little Tykes Cozy Coupe. (It also comes with a electronic gas pumper for free) It's a little one passenger Flintstones-type of car. So I wanted to expose Jadon to it and see if he likes it. He loved it. He doesn't know how to use it quite yet except that he goes backwards but he knows it's a car. Well when it was time to take him out he started his whining. I caved in and let him ride for a few more minutes but that didn't do anything to aleve his whining when it was time for him to come out. There was a lady in the area and although she was looking in our direction, I'm sure she was a little amused. Well I ended up buying it for him for Christmas.

I don't even want to think about when the twins hit this stage.

In our latest doctor's appointment....

Last Thursday we had another ultrasound appointment. It was a little disappointing for me because I thought we would determine an exact date as to when Fiona would be admitted. I also thought that would make an appointment to visit the hospital and take a tour. That didn't happen either. . The doctor, who seems very knowledgeable and laid back, pushed it off until our next appointment. It's almost coming down to the wire and I am a little antsy at times. I believe it's about another 8 more weeks (about two months away) until we get the babies out (one month or less when Fiona gets admitted). As for the results of the scan, it came out fine. Everything was in check.


Been Out Of Town

Wow, I can't believe it's been nearly a week since I last blogged. I've been out of town for a couple of days. Our scanner, which is in a mobile trailor, went up to Banning, CA. We serviced one of our contracts, the Morongo Indian Tribes. We scanned at their community youth center. It was a nice facility. Looked brand new. Nice indoor basketball court, upstair gym with arcade games, fooz ball table, and pool table. The only nusance were the flies. They kept on flying into the trailor. We ended up competing to see who could kill the most. I got 20 in one day. =P. Hopefully the next time we go back there we can stay at their new hotel & casino. =)


Not much time left.

It's about a month and a half (or so) before Fiona gets admitted into the hospital and there's a lot of things that need to be done in preparation.

-Either this weekend or perhaps over the following weekends I plan to push forward in moving all of the stuff from the third bedroom to accomodate the twins. The computer and desk will probably be moved into the upper floor hallway (Jadon's play area). We figured it could still have room enough for both. Plus I have to put together Jadon's new dresser. The twins will end up getting Jadon's hand-me-down dresser. As for the twin's crib, we'll wait on that. We havent purchased that at any rate.

-We just got approved for a home equity line of credit. That's something that we will definitely have to use with the twins coming and Fiona taking time off from work.

-We're also in the process of trying to sell our '03 Mitsubishi Outlander. So far I have it running in an internet ad as well as the Los Angeles Times. So if anybody who reads this is interested or knows of somebody who might be interested, talk to me.

-Next weekend is Fiona's baby shower. Kindra, my close friend Steve's fiance, has kindly offered to throw Fiona one. So that is something we're looking forward to.

-We also have to schedule an appointment to go visit the Long Beach Memorial Hospital and talk to the doctor (perinatologist), where Fiona will be staying. Fiona wants to go an look at the facility and and ask some questions. That's going to be an interesting commute (about 40 minutes north of us).

In the mix of all those errands, there will be a few days this month and in December where I will have to travel (for work).


What's Jadon Scared of Now:

The latest in the chronicles of things that make Jadon scared is his toothbrush. Everynight Fiona brushes Jadon's teeth with a finger brush. He's been fine with it but lately he's been biting down on her finger. That prompted Fiona to try and use a regular toddler toothbrush. Boy did he freak out. At the time I was filling up his bath tub. Jadon was so panicky that he climbed into his tub (with his diaper still on), bonked his head on the running faucet while trying to lie back into his tub, and then was drenched by the water filling the tub. Of course I was laughing (damn I got to be more sensitive).