So How Is Everyone Doing....

Well, as Fiona entered the hospital this past Saturday, many lives have changed.

We'll start with Fiona. Without getting into too much detail she's having a miserable experience. For the first 48 hours, the nurses were strictly monitoring the twin's heart rate to get a general baseline. So that meant Fiona had to sleep with those on. Not very uncomfy. Not to mention the bed was as well and Fiona's tailbone was already hurting. Anyways so for the past two nights the babies would move and the heartbeats would get lost, and the nurses would come in and adjust the devices and of course wake Fiona up. Fiona said that this occured throughout the night. To go along with the uncomfortability of it all and lack of a good night's sleep, she also has to endure the tasteless food (I finally brought her a bunch of snacks).

Jadon has been handling the transition well. The only change that noticed in him is that he has been waking up a little earlier (about an hour or so). For the most part he seems to be his normal self. During the weekdays, he sleeps over at his grandparents' place and on the weekend he stays with me.

Fiona's parents have been a blessing (especially her mom). She's the one that takes care of Jadon during the night-morning-to-noon times. Because Fiona's parents own their own business, her mom has the flexibility to go in to work later. Hopefully this will create some quality bonding time between Jadon and grandpa and grandma.

As for me, it's challenging transition because I'm so use to sharing a bed and now that I have it all to myself, it feels awkward. Plus for the past two nights, I have been going to sleep later. I've been catching up on my movie watching. The latest one was "Man On Fire" starring Denzel Washington. I liked it a lot. And I also saw "I, Robot." I liked that one as well. So anyways, when I take over watching Jadon in the afternoon, I have to have some sort of itinerary planned or he'll get bored like shopping excursions or where to eat. It's only been a few days and I am feeling tired (kinda like when you've just had a baby and you have very little sleep). I guess I should get use to it.

These are the main life changes, others include my work, Fiona's work, Fiona's sister (Angeline) but I won't go into detail on that.

Fiona's Room

Fiona is on her uncomfortable bed, being monitored 24 hours a day. The monitoring is for the babies' heart beats.

A New Home for Fiona

Fiona has finally taken in a new home this past Saturday, and although she is smiling in this picture, she is definitely not a happy camper.


Fiona's Last Weekend....

This past weekend was Fiona's last one at home for the remainder of the year. Next Saturday she will be admitted into Long Beach Memorial Hospital. If all goes as plan, she would be there for a month. Meaning that the babies would be delivered on January 15th, Saturday (again, if all goes well). She's been dreading the stay but I think after this past weekend, she mentally composed herself and said that she's ready to go.

To set her mind at ease, Fiona and I went to a couple of restaurants. On Saturday, Fiona's parents took care of Jadon and kindly covered our dinner at Todai Restaurant. It's a Japanese buffet. It's a little pricey at 30/head for us, but hey it was covered. The next day for lunch we headed out to Sam Woo's (the fancier sitdown restaurant) for dim sum. And then for dinner we went to the crem-de-la-crem, a Hawaiian Seafood Restaurant called Roy's over in Fashion Island, Newport Beach. It was the most expensive meal that Fiona and I have ever had. (luckily we had a gift certificate compliments of Fiona's parents). The bill came out to a staggering $125. We started out with some Dungeness crab cakes. For the main course Fiona had the Shrimp and Scallops, and I had the 16oz bone-in ribeye steak. All were pretty tasty. The secret is in their sauces. And then for dessert we each had their signature dish, the chocolate souffle with ice cream (that came out to $8.50 a pop). I can't imagine how much it would have cost if we were alcohol drinkers.

That was probably the last time we would go to dinner, just the two of us, for a long long time.


Picture time....

We were attempting to take a family picture at the park. As you can tell it took quite an effort on all of us to entertain Jadon and keep him still.

First Time in the Snow

The day after Thanksgiving the family decided to head up to the mountains and expose Jadon to snow for the first time. It was mixed reviews. He liked it at times and then he cried at times. Perhaps when he's older we can go skiing.

First Pumpkin Patch

Shortly before Halloween, Fiona and I took Jadon to the local pumpkin patch for his first time. I think he was a little confused at the purpose of the round orange things. He was even a little scared to touch them too.