Surgery Recovery.

So far it is going all right I guess. I have pleasantly been visited by my good bud, Steve and his little girl Danica. Boy did the girls get a little jealous at one point. Steve was kind enough to buy me Star Wars Episodes IV, V, and VI on dvd (surprisingly I don't have). That was pretty sweet. Now I have something to kill time with. Thanks Steve! I was also visited by my boss. She brought over a fall-wreath, and some breakfast muffins on behalf of the company. That was very nice of her to drop by. As to the recovery, all I can say is "Vicatin....goooood." Although today I did have to call in to doctor's office, even though they're closed, to report that my bandages were starting to soak with blood. This was something that was not suppose to occur. Luckily the oncall doctor was the same one who had performed the surgery on me. The doctor arranged to meet me down at his office so he can look at it and rewrap my ankle with a fresh set of cotton. Fiona dropped the girls off at the grandparents, and took Jadon and I to the office. It was a sight to see my ankle all bloodied and full of stitches. It was also nice to have some fresh air hit my ankle and that I was able to stretch it a little. Everything appeared to be intact except there was a little gap in my ankle that seemed to spurt out some blood. Something that a little bandaging can't help fix (I hope). So now I have to think about getting a ride on work come Monday. I think I have exhausted enough sick time.


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