I Set Myself Up.

Yesterday Fiona, the kids, and I went to the Knott's Berry Farm Chicken Restaurant. We weren't thinking that there was going to be a long wait. Unfortunately we were wrong. The line wasn't terrible, it was that a bunch of waitors went on break at the wrong time. So Jadon and I waited in line while Fiona was outside with the girls. In line, there was a young couple who started to befriend Jadon. They were asking him questions (i.e. how old are you, what's your favorite game). Then we started talking. It was their first time at the restaurant even though they lived locally. Then we found out that we went to neighboring rival high schools. And then I made the mistake of asking what year he graduated. He's six years younger then me. Mental note to myself: don't ask these types of questions anymore. Normally I'm not self conscious at all when it comes to age but lately I have found myself to feel old. It's not that I get bent out of shape about it, I have just come to be more aware of it. Perhaps it's the kids or my ankle injury or the white strands of hair that I am plucking from my head. I can only hope that I'll age well. =)


Blogger minipak said...

I'll be having my 20 year high school reunion in 2 years!! I haven't gotten the hair dye out yet, but my tweezers do come in handy for the little grays that are popping out. Aaaargh!

7:41 AM  
Blogger R. Sintop said...

hey, at least you are still younger than me.

8:45 AM  

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