Sickness Is In The Air.

Over the weekend, Jadon has developed a pretty nasty cough. And well once one kid gets sick, it's pretty much a domino effect from there. Fiona went out to get some medicine and for the first time, Jadon has taken it with no problems. He almost seems to be begging for it at times. He's still sick (hopefully on the path to getting better). Now Natalie seems to have developed a fever (102 degrees). She napped for well over 2 hours in the morning which is quite uncharacteristic of her. But otherwise she seems to be behaving normal. Vanessa, so far, has not been affected. For me, I am popping 1000mg Vitamin C pills. I am feeling a slight scratchiness in my throat and hopefully that will be the worse that it gets. No time to get sick.


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