Waiting For Jadon.

Two days ago, I told Jadon that when he goes to school the following day that he shouldn't cry. He told me that he didn't want to go. I tried to tempt him with all the things he could do at school. I asked him if he'd like to play with the trains, bicycles, eat snacks, see his teacher Mrs. Hamilton. He said yes to all of them. So I told him to go to school and have a good time and that I will come with momma to pick him up. Because I'm on crutches, he asked me if I was going to wait in the car in the parking lot. I told him yes I would. Yesterday after we picked Jadon up, I asked Fiona if he cried when she dropped him off. She said that he didn't cry and that he said he would not cry because dadda is waiting in the parking lot. So apparently he thought that I would wait all day for him in the school's lot. Fiona didn't bother to correct him. How cute was that? Whatever works for him as long as he doesn't cry (although he did cry when nap time came around).


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