Tired As Usual.

It seems like every day for the past few months that I am just flat out tired. Of course last night didn't help out at all. It was so dang hot that I was just sweating buckets. We even turned on the a/c at night (during sleep). We have only done that once in the past.

Anyways, this past week I have been up with our mobile unit servicing one of our contracted unions. Fun fun. Those trips always seem to take a good chunk of energy. Even though I only had to go up there two of the five days, it was especially tough this go around. More patients, more doctors, more multitasking (since I ended up having to cover multiple jobs). Hopefully I am done going up there for the remainder of the week.

Yesterday was Jadon's first day of class for pre-k (or is it preschool?). This time he is enrolled in the MWF classes. More days, bigger classroom, more kids (especially more boys) compared to last year. Although he says he likes his class and his teachers, there apparently aren't any classmates from his last year's class. Because of that and the fact that his new teachers are only in their second year of teaching at his school, Fiona composed and email to the principal requesting Jadon to be transferred to another class. The principal responded back telling her that she will look into and let us know by today.

I am at an impasse with season 3 of 24. I was about halfway done when the dvd froze. I tried my laptop several times, my Bose dvd, my dvd recorder, my desktop, my work computer, and my PS2 and it couldn't read the part of the dvd (mainly the last episode). I decided to try and skip that episode and go on to the next one. Apparently when they show previous scenes of the last episode, it looked like that a lot had occurred and I got into about 10 minutes of the next episode before itt froze on me. Dang Chinese import dvds. Fortunately they're not mine and I didn't pay a penny for those. So now I am going to have to bit torrent season 3. Aiyeeeee.

Well that is all for now. Gotta go back to work.


Score: 30-3

You would think that that is a score to a football game. Nope, it's a score in a Major League Baseball game played a few hours ago. Texas Rangers scored 30 runs off 29 hits against the Baltimore Orioles. That's holy-crap-a-lot. The 30 runs are the most since Chicago scored a 36-7 victory against Louisville (National League) back in ....1897! That's 110 years ago! The 29 hits were the most since 1992 when Milwaukee had 31.



So I finally completed the first two seasons of 24. Yes, I am definitely hooked. I bought the first season almost a year ago. It took me a few months to start it and about 6 months (or so) to complete it. I watched maybe a third of it and stopped for a while and had just recently resumed it. My coworker ended up giving season 2 which I plowed through rather quickly. He had an extra Chinese imported one which was nice of him. Plus he's going to lend me the next couple of seasons. I am always curious as to what other familiar faces that I will see. So they had Lou Diamond Philips and I wonder if Emilio Estevez or Charlie Sheen (Young Guns cast) will appear. Then I see Dennis Hopper who was one of our previous patients years ago. Then I just laughed when I saw Kevin Dillon (it's Johnny Drama!) because I finished the first three seasons of Entourage a few months ago.

I have to say that 24 is probably the most intense show that I have ever seen. I just love watching TV shows on dvd. No commercials, plus I don't have to wait that long after a cliffhanging episode. As you can tell, I am relatively new (past year or so) to the concept of digital video shows. Not sure if I'll get into TIVO though.


Family Portrait?

This is one of the pictures from an article in Newsweek called "One Nation, Under Gun." I found a photo gallery on the article (unfortunately not the article itself) through MSN. I love the kid's Superman outfit. Lets just hope that he doesn't think that he is invulnerable to bullets.

There is another picture of a family with three girls (two of them holding guns). I wouldn't like to be a date in that family.


What Was Supposed To Be.....

...a relaxing 4 day weekend turned out otherwise. I took Thursday and Friday off in hopes to play some catch up sleep. Lately, my sleep has not been good. Well as it turned out, I caught a slight cough and cold from the kids (started with Natalie) and I ended up getting food poisoning from a burrito at Baja Fresh (or should I say 'Unfresh'). I am pretty much over the cold but still have a minor linger cough. As for the food poisoning, I am feeling better but still suffering from the residual effects.