K.I.T.T. Fan.

This is a shot of what the new K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Three Thousand) will look like. I am starting to get a little ramped up with the new Knight Rider movie-made-for-tv coming out in February. I was a big fan of the original series starring David Hasselhoff. Although when they came out with a short series back in 1994 called Knight Rider 2010, it was quite disappointing. Here is an article comparing the specs on the old KITT and the new one.

I am also a fan of the newly redesigned Mustang and I actually would have liked to have gotten one but I have to contend to common, practical sense (and with my wife).

Speaking of cars, a few weeks ago I did a trade-in on my lease Accord. I had to return it in a few months but I did find a dealership that ended up buying it outright so I didn't have to make the remaining payments. Here is what my car looks like:

It's an 2008 Acura TL in royal blue. 3.2liter, 258 horsepower, leather interior, Navigation, Bluetooth, Sunroof, ACURA ELS Stereo. This was another car that I had my eye on for quite sometime. I love it.


Yea, New Computer!

At last, we have finally bought a new computer (it's a Dell). It just arrived last night. I didn't realize that Fed-Ex delivered past 8:00pm. I figured it was long over due. The computer that we currently use is nearly 8 years (or so) old. It was a computer that I assembled (with help from friends) and it actually runs pretty remarkable still. But it was time to upgrade and also switch out the old CRT monitor for a nice 19" lcd one. It's nice! The cpu is a 2.4 ghz quad core processor with 320 gb hard drive, 1 gb of DDR SDRAM (to be upgraded later), with a Windows XP operating system (heard that Vista sucks). I only got around to unpacking it. Today (I hope) I will try to take out some components (hard drive, dvd writer) from the old computer and plop them in the new one.


Merry Christmas!

Hope you all have a Happy Holidays!


A Strip I Can Relate To.

This is an article of an employee who posted a Dilbert comic strip at work and got fired:


and here is the strip:


For All Of You Gambling/Casino Freaks

Any of you work out of a cubicle? Then this design is for you!



Sticking with our family year tradition, everyone got sick. If you go back into past December (and perhaps November) blogs, we get sick. Jadon had a minor bout of some type of stomach sickness. It only lasted a day but it did it's damage. Two pukes, one all over his bed and wall, and one on the carpet. Fiona and I are dealing with coughs and colds. Ugh.


1st Stage Potty Poopers.

This past Saturday we started the journey to become a diaper free household. It started off with Vanessa wanting to try out and sit on the potty seat. Then Natalie followed. They didn't do anything but sit. It's a start. Can't wait until I don't have to change (and spend) diapers anymore.


Major Jet Lagged.

We're still all a bit jet lagged. I'm suffering more from the kids though. I get up a couple of times a night either because the girls are yapping their heads off in bed at 2:00am or because Jadon is going to the bathroom 6 times through out the night. And once I wake up, it takes me an hour to fall back to sleep.


Singapore Trip Details.

So on November 14th, Wedensday night, Fiona, the kids and I went to Singapore. It was the kids' first time on an airplane. Yikes! Suffice to say, the kids acted better than expected. The kids' slept relatively well. I sat with Jadon and Vanessa on the window side and Fiona sat with Natalie in the middle seat. Luckily the passenger sitting next to Natalie was quite patient and pleasant because Natalie has a tendency to fidget in her sleep.

So after the long 20 or so hours of flight time, mixed in with a lame 1 hour stopover in Taipei (where Natalie crapped her pants), we arrived in Singapore. We were greeted by the kids' great grandparents. That was a great sight to see. The kids' took an immediate liking to them. It also helped that they had Lapis Cake (a Singaporean must!) with them. We took a shuttle over to our hotel and thus began our vacation.

The first few days were spent recuperating and hanging out with Paul and Nicha. They came to visit us with was exceptionally nice of them. The kids' had a ball with them, especially Jadon.

Pretty much the rest of the vacation was spent with relatives, eating out, going to dozens of shopping malls (only but a fraction). Special thanks to Great Uncle Albert and Lao Ei for spending so much time with us. There were so many things that the kids experienced: going to the Bird Park, going on the Sky Tram (360 view of Singapore), dazzling water show (which dwarfs the Bellagio show), riding the Cable Cars.

We came back from out trip last night which again turned out fine. This time I sat next to the girls and Fiona had Jadon. I have to say that I am most impressed with Singapore's Changi Airport for their nice terminals and their exceptional efficiency. And I also have to say that I am quite disappointed with LAX. We landed and took forever getting off. They plane dropped us off out of the middle of nowhere. We had to take a bus to our gate (which was undergoing renovations). Then it took us over an hour to get our luggage (probably the worst that I have experienced). Then it took us a few hours to get home through Super Shuttle because of the amount of passengers it had to drop off (plus Friday night traffic).

I'll post more details of the trip through the posting of pictures on my flickr site.