Jadon's Christmas Program.

Yesterday, Jadon's kindergarten class (as well two other kindergarten classes) held a Christmas singing program. Jadon even had a solo part, albeit it was a one liner. So I left work for a few hours to catch it. Fiona and the girls were already there and Fiona's parents and my dad show up later. So it was a good size cheering section. Between my dad and I, we were snapping shots every which way (along with my father-in-law). Fiona was using her camera for video. So for the first 10 minutes or so my dad was shooting away, checking each shot before taking the next one. He kept on zooming in to be sure he got a good shot of Jadon except he was zooming on the wrong kid. I eventually told him that he's shooting the wrong kid. Haahahhaah! The program last only 45 minutes but Jadon did great. He did the hand motions and sang his one liner beautifully.


Blue Belt Boy.

I think I neglected to blog when Jadon tested for purple belt in his Tae Kwon Do class but he just tested yesterday and he is on to blue belt. He did pretty well on his form. When all the purple belts were going through the initial stage of techniques, there was a girl to his left who did some spinning round house kick and she lost her balance and landed pretty hard on her chin. Luckily the floor was padded but she laughed it off as an embarrassment. I'm just glad it wasn't Jadon. I hope Fiona got that on footage so I can post it =)


Waiting For The Holidays....

Well, I got just about all of my X-Mas shopping done. I finished Fiona's and have it all wrapped up. The kids' presents are just about done, although we do have to do some of their birthday shopping as well (since it's coming up too). We haven't gotten a tree yet but that is on our agenda come next week. Otherwise, I'm just waiting and waiting.....

I Gotta Get Myself One Of These:

It's a Yao Ming Transformer! Sweet!


Nice And Relaxing....

My Thanksgiving was nothing but relaxing.....sort of. For lunch, we hung out at Fiona's parents. I spent the first hour of it setting up Christmas lights out on their house. Then for the evening we went over to Pete's place for dinner. The kids had their usual fun playing with their cousins. Unfortunately it had to end with my kiddies getting their flu shots. My mom dished them out and Jadon ended up being the worse one kicking and screaming.

This year I decided to not venture out for the early morning (i.e. 5:00am) Black Friday sales. Fiona, the kids and I did hit some stores in the later part of the morning. I ended up getting a few dvd/blu rays.

On Sunday, Fiona and I finished up the lights at her parents house before we went out to celebrate her dad's birthday.

There you have it (not much for details). Can't wait until the next holiday break. I'm taking the last week off in December.