Remember the blog regarding the car accident I was involved in back last September? If not here is the link. Well as it turns out I am deemed 100% liable for it. I'm so pissed off and there is nothing I can do about it. I called my insurance up to see how the final decision was made. The case went to arbitration and based off the photos and deposition of each party, they determined that I backed into the camper. I can't believe it. They based this idea by the fact that the indentation caused in my bumper was a result of that. What?!?!? I talked to my insurance agent about it to vent my frustration. I asked if there was anything I could do like communicate to the 3rd party arbitration. No such luck. I even asked if I could write a letter and forward it to them via insurance. No such luck. The decision is final. The good news (sort of) is that my insurance company is not going to charge me anything (they still believe in my side of the story despite the verdict) and they said my premiums won't go up because of the accident). Still though, I'm ticked.


Can't Keep A Secret.

So last night Fiona had an outing with some people from her church. So I took the opportunity to print out some Hello Kitty designed birthday cards for the kids to color for their momma. I told them all to not tell her and that it was a secret. They all responded appropriately. I reiterated to them that if they tell her about the card that they won't get any cake.

Fast forward to this morning. I get a call from Fiona and she told me that Vanessa came up to her and said something to the effect of "Last night dadda made some Hello Kitty cards for you for your birthday. We're not suppose to tell you or we won't get cake. So don't tell." Fiona was busting up from laughter as she is telling me this.

That little punk! I'm not going to entrust her with a secret anymore.


Happy Presents Day!

Here was a conversation that Vanessa had with Fiona last night:

Vanessa: Where's the presents?

Fiona: What presents?

Vanessa: Isn't today Presents Day?

Hahahahaha! Presidents, Presents....same difference.


And Yet Another Vegas Trip.

Earlier this week (Sunday through Tuesday), the family went to Vegas. Twice in a little over a month. This time though we went with Fiona's parents and Aunt. This trip was almost identical to the last trip in that we went to nearly all the same places. We went to Mandalay Bay's buffet the first night. The next day we went to Ethel M's Chocolate Factory followed by a trip to Planet Hollywood's buffet. Then the next day, as we headed out, we dropped by South Point's buffet. Sooooo stuffed. The good thing about this trip (as oppose to our previous) was that we went on a non-weekend/non-holiday. No traffic going there, no lines at the buffet, less traffic on the strip. The kids had fun as well as us but I think I need to take a break from that place though (at least for a while).


Pump It Up!

This past Saturday we had Jadon, Natalie, & Vanessa's birthday party at Pump It Up. There were a total of 23 kiddies (including our own) and it looked like everyone had a lot of fun. The majority of the kids were from Jadon's class, a few from the girl's class, my brother's daughters, and a couple of Fiona and my friends' kiddies. A lot of sweaty kids not to mention a lot of crying kids. The slides and bounce house can be lots of fun but there were a lot of kiddies scrapping themselves or landing on each other. A few glitches came up (i.e. not enough balloons, forgotten candles, not enough drinks), but all in all it was successful. Jadon has already asked if we can have their birthday party there come next year. We'll see about that (but I doubt it)....