Jadon's Professional Aspirations.

Yesterday, Fiona's dad was talking to Jadon and here's how the conversation went:

Fiona's dad: "Jadon, when you grow up you're going to be a missionary doctor." (a long time ago he asked Jadon that before and Jadon said yes, so from there on out it has been sort of a running gag)

Jadon: "No, I don't want to. I want to pave roads and drive a trash truck."

He makes me so proud.

I Wii-turned It!

Yesterday I took my unopened Nintendo Wii Console back to Best Buy. On Sunday, there was a great sermon message about finances and I took it to heart. I figured that I probably wouldn't be playing with it that much anyways (I hardly played with my PS2 in the first place). I could have sold the Wii for a profit but probably not much. So without going through that hassle, I returned it. The customer service rep. seemed somewhat surprised. He kept asking me if there was anything wrong. I just said "nope, I just wanted to return it." I think that I have been as fiscally responsible as I can be by not accumulating unncessary debts (i.e. credit cards). The only loans that we have are the mortgage and car loans; although those are the big expenditures in itself as well as feeding and nurturing three kids. Despite the fact that both sides of parents have aided us whereever they can (which we are forever gratetful), we still seem to be operating beyond our means. So now I have formed my resolve to reprioritize our finances, to make it work even more efficiently by cutting unnecessay expenditures, to make that dramatic turnaround, and to make better financial decisions (past mortgage loans, stock investments, car loans that haven't worked in our favor).


Toilet Seat Excitement.

Apparently the toilet seat cover broke in the kids' bathroom. So Fiona when to Home Depot (or Lowes) and bought a new one. Jadon is quite excited about this. I told him that I would replace the broken one the next day. This morning he woke up at about 4:30 am to take a piss and he went back to sleep (supposedly). I woke up about 45 minutes later to get ready for work. I'm downstairs eating breakfast when I hear Jadon talking outside his bathroom. I think he said something like "Wow take a look at this!" I went upstairs to see what was going on. He had doggie in hand and I think he was showing him the new toilet seat (in the box still). I told him to go back to sleep because his momma and sisters were still sleeping and that he has to go to school in a few hours. He started to tear up, probably because he wanted to show doggie the new seat. I told him that I'm not mad at him but that he need to go to sleep. Kids get excited over the silliest things.


Boston Celtics Suck.

I have to admit that lately I haven't been as into basketball as I was in the past. And normally I have had some level of interest with anything related to the NBA draft. Although the L.A. Lakers aren't involved in this years lottery I'm still following it because this year's draft is suppose to be pretty good one (namely with potential stars in Greg Oden and Kevin Durrant).

Well last night was the Lottery Ball pick to see which team would pick first (not the actual selection of players). Memphis had the best chance of getting the #1 pick at 25% (due to worst record) followed by Boston with 20%. So the chances of getting one of the top two picks was pretty good. Well as it turned out Memphis got the 4th pick and Boston got the 5th pick. I just laughed hard! I was a huge Laker fan during the 80s and to see Boston (the arch enemy) not get one of the top two picks was hilarious. To see Danny Ainge's (Boston general manager) face was priceless. Don't get me wrong, the Celtics were a great team (during the 80s) and I respect that era but I hate the Celtics.


Natalie The Stripper.

So I just got off the phone with Fiona and she told me that when she went in to the girls' room she found something in the middle of the room. To that I asked, "What?" She said that Natalie had unzipped her pjs, taken off her diaper and chucked it. What an interesting phase that she's into now.


Jadon's Ephiphany.

Last evening, we went out for our Mother's Day dinner and we had just parked the car. Natalie took a dump and needed to be changed. Fiona was changing her in the trunk of our car and this is where Jadon comes in (something to this affect):

Jadon: Natalie doesn't have a weewee?
Fiona: Girls don't have weewees only boys do.
Jadon: When she grows up she'll get a weewee.

That was hilarious in itself.

Jadon adds: Gong-Gong (grandpa) doesn't have a weewee.



Lazy Blogger's Update.

I have been meaning to blog something but haven't felt like it. There were few incidents here and there but that time has past and it seems to trivial when I look back on it. But also, I don't think much has occured since the last time I blogged. Just work and family. Same ol' same ol'. In the end though, I am just lazy. I could use a good nap right about now =).