New Car!

2007 Steel Metallic Blue Honda Pilot EX-L with Navigation plus chrome running boards (not pictured).

From this past Friday until Sunday, there was a flurry of activity going on as far as looking for the car that we wanted. Fiona and I were on the phone a lot talking to different dealers. It was a trying experience as we negotiated over the phone. Since we had already gone down to a few dealerships, test drove the car, ended up being their longer then we should have, and going home empty handed, it was better for us to talk about the numbers via phone. There was one dealership that didn't have the car but was quite confident that he could locate one quickly and that we should head on down. As it stood, we did not go down there (knowing from previous experience that the car we wanted was hard to obtain). He could not locate one that we wanted.

On Sunday, we got word from one dealership (Weir Canyon Honda) that they found one and had to just trade with another dealership. We were about to head down there when we got a call back that the other dealership was in the process of selling it to someone who was interested and was on their way down there. We waited for a call back from Weir Canyon and in the end we went down to the other dealership (that they were trying to trade with) that had it (Diamond Bar Honda). As it turned out the buyer never showed up and thus the rest is history. The kids are loving it and I know that Fiona loves it (especially with the Navigation and rear camera safety feature).


Drum Roll Please.....

Last Friday we took the girls' in for a 2 and a half year appointment. Usually the Pediatricians want appointments scheduled once a year but apparently ours took the exception to the girls' and wanted to see where they are. Something that was surprising resulted.


Weight - 23 lbs
Height - 32 1/2 inches


Weight - 22lbs 12 oz.
Height - 33 inches

Natalie weighs more than Vanessa! The last time she weighed more than her was at birth. Ever since then she's been trailing Vanessa. Yikes. Natalie's weight comes from muscle (because she works out at her therapy) and Vanessa's weight comes from her fat (although she is by no means fat). Hey at least she is still taller.


Coming Up On That Time Again.

Our lease on Fiona's Honda Pilot is coming up soon and the past few days we have been going to different dealerships checking out cars. We are planning to purchase our next one and it's most likely going to be another Pilot. Usually I get really excited about getting a new car but I am dreading the process of getting it. So far we have gone to 2 Honda Dealerships and although each time we get close to what we want in terms of cost, we end up being there too long (about an 1 hour and a half each time). That's tough when we have to entertain the kids. We'll probably end up going to another one tonight. Then to top it off, I will have to do this process again when my car is up for a lease in the not too distant future.


Desperately Seeking Attention.

Natalie can act either desperate or pathetic at times. Yesterday, she was playing around and she pokes her right eye (and it looked to be on purpose). It looked like she poked herself pretty good too, but she ends up laughing. I ended up laughing too. Then a few seconds later, the pain hits her and she breaks out into a cry. I gave a quizzical look at Fiona. Then Natalie came up to me wanting me to pick her up. What a little con-artist. A few minutes later Natalie went up to Fiona and pointed to her left eye letting her know that it hurt. Nice try little girl, wrong eye!


Guacamole Conversion.

It took me a while but I have finally converted into accepting, eating, and loving guacamole. I was traumatized by my mother at an early age. She grew an avocado tree and tried to force me to eat an avocado. I recall that I ended up hiding under the dining table and refusing to try it. I was really stubborn about it and I won. From there on, I detested avocado and guacamole, what's more is that I just hate the color of it too. It nearly reminds me of my parents ex-pukey green Mercedes.

The process started about a month ago. Fiona stated a couple of goals that she would like to achieve with me: (1) get me to drink coffee (so we can have a coffee dates) and (2) get me to eat guacamole. I still can't get an aversion to coffee but I did try the guacamole. Low and behold, we've been eating it almost every chance that we get. We've gone to El Torito, Taco Rosa, Rubios, even California Pizza Kitchen (Sante Fe Pizza w/ guacamole). Although, I think Fiona might be partly regretting it because now she has to share with me =).


Crybaby Logic.

Sometimes the simplest solution is the easiest thing to miss. I get a call from Fiona about 30 minutes ago. She is out picking up Natalie from her therapy session. I hear Vanessa in the background literally crying like a newborn. She's crying at the top of her lungs as if she's been hurt. Fiona's telling me that nothing works (lecturing, scolding) and that Vanessa definitely needs to go directly into a nap when she gets home (forget lunch). I ask Fiona to ask Vanessa if she wants to take a nap. And then the crying stops and Vanessa asks for her pacifier. Fiona than goes on to tell her that as soon as they get home, she can have it. After that all is quiet. Damn I'm good.....


Vanessa's New Phrase.

Last week there was a conversation that I had with Vanessa:

-Vanessa farts-

Me: Vanessa did you just fart?
Vanessa (chuckles): No! Momma faw-ted too!

I don't think she knows the meaning of the word "too" but it sounds so cute when she says it. So now she says that a lot (with some variation of either Dadda, Jadon, or Natalie but mostly Momma).

Seat Position.

When we're in the car, the seat positions of each child are Jadon (sitting behind the driver's seat), Vanessa (middle), and then Natalie. Jadon and Vanessa were interacting so much that they just feed off each other and get louder and louder. Not only that but Natalie was the lone one out. It's a little sad. It was only recently that we decided to switch Natalie into the middle seat and Vanessa near the window. We figured that Natalie would be more involved and have some laughs too. As it turns out Jadon and Vanessa talk over Natalie. They somehow still manage to interact with each other leaving Natalie out. How sad for her.