Christmas Shopping Has Begun!

In my household, our Christmas shopping has already started believe it or not. We'd figure we would beat the rush and not save it for the last minute. So far we have gotten the girls a Little Tykes kitchen set. Since they love to hanging out in the kitchen with their momma and pretend cook we decided to get them their own. For Jadon we have gotten him portable Matchbox cases that open up into a themed set (i.e. autocenter, harbor port). He loves his vehicles. As for Fiona, I have started my shopping but I am not going to divulge that ;). Not only do we have the Christmas shopping to contend with but we also have all the kiddies' birthday in January (with the girls' six days before Jadon's). And then Fiona's birthday to follow (with Valentine's Day!). Major ouch on the credit cards. But I'm more of a giver than a receiver so it's like a treat for me.


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