Nothing Much To Report.

Well I've just about settled in at the new work location. My desk is in place, computers hooked up, and I'm just chugging along. I really like the new place. (1) It's close to home, (2) it's a much bigger office space, (3) I have a slight window view, and (4) patients will be much happier going to one location for both scan and consultation. Our prior situation would not allow for the mobile scanner unit and our offices to be together. So people would go the scanner unit (typically 20 minutes away from the office), get scanned, and either elect to have their consultation on board the trailor (via video satellite) or come to the office for an inperson consult). Most patients choose the latter.

As far as the home front, everyone seems to be getting over their cold. We all have a lingering cough with Jadon's lasting the longest. Jadon has been a little more defiant, Vanessa has been a major Miss Crankypants, and Natalie is just flying under the radar being cute. Can you guess who is my number 1?


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