Nintendo Wii'ed!

Earlier last week I got a "tip" (if you want to say) from my friend Steve that Best Buy might be coming in with a shipment of some Nintendo Wiis. So Fiona and I checked it out on Tuesday thinking that they could have some that have arrived early and not advertised until later on. Fiona went in asking one of the sales reps and they said that they might have some but they weren't sure when. They went on to say that most likely it would come in on Sunday and that if they do have some then to come in early (as early as 2:00am). Yeah right! Like I am going to wake up that early. So that wasn't going to be the case for me.

Fast forward to this morning. I was awaken early from this morning by Vanessa who was crying on and off. I checked up on her and apparently she had thrown up in her bed. It was last night's dinner. Red sauce all over her bed and some on her floor. Anyways I ended up checking the Best Buy ad this morning and low-and-behold, Nintendo Wiis being advertised. It was hitting up almost 9:00 am and the store was to open at 10:00 am. I went down, with the urging of Fiona, to the store. I was thinking that it was a long shot but I'd check it out. I arrived there and a line of about 100 people had already formed. As I walked up to the line there was a Best Buy employee that was handing out tickets/vouchers. I asked him if the voucher was a guarantee that I would get one. He said that it was not a guarantee but as long as I stay in line and had the voucher, that I would get one. He went on to say that he was going to be off roaming around and that he had 8 more vouchers left and to let the people who end up walking up behind me to know. I didn't like being assigned as the messenger. Eventually he came back and explained to everyone behind me so my life was safe. At 9:30am they opened their doors early for the people who were going to purchase the console. 20 minutes later I was out the door with a Wii in hand. Not bad as far as the waiting. Now the only thing that we have to decide is do we sell it or play it?


Vegas Trip: Great, Until The End (That Is).

So this past Sunday was doubly special. Not only was it Easter but it also marked our 7th anniversary! We ended up celebrating it in Las Vegas. We took off at 9:30am (with the kids of course) and drove. We reached there at about 3:00pm and we stayed at the Platinum Hotel which is right off the strip. The kids were pretty well behaved during the ride and were so excited when we arrived. The especially loved our room. It was a suite that spanned over 1000 sq. ft. It had it's own kitchen as well as washer driver. It really felt like staying in a big one bedroom apartment. The kiddies slept in the living room. There was a queen size pull out sofa bed and we requested two cribs. The girls did very well for their first time sleeping in a foreign place. We hit up the Bellagio Hotel for their gardens and water show. Then we headed over to the Wynn and ate at the buffet. A little pricey but the food was good. After that we checked out the Volcano show at the Mirage. That was a pretty weak show. Then we turned in for the night. The next day we hit up Paris for some breakfast and hung out at Mandalay Bay until lunch time. We finished off our trip at Ethel M's Chocolate Factory (and Botanical Cactus Gardens).

So all in all we were having a great trip until the ride home. We got all three kids to fall asleep and about half and hour later, Jadon wakes up crying. He cries on and off for about an hour. His stomach hurts but he doesn't have to go poop. We take a pit stop at Barstow (which is a little over the half way mark). I get Jadon to go to the bathroom. He feels a bit better now and we are off on the road. He again cries that his stomach hurts. This goes on for about thirty minutes until he throws up big time. It's all over his clothes, his seat, the side door, the floor, the mat. It was disgusting. I couldn't handle the smell and so I exited and pulled off the road. Fiona and I cleaned up what we could (throwing away his clothes, shoes, any toys lying on the ground). So for the final hour of the trip we had to endure the puke smell. We got home and devoted the next hour to washing clothes, cleaning out the car, etc. Jadon, at least, was in better spirits just yapping his head off.

What a way to make this trip even more memorable. As is, I ended up taking Fiona's car into a local car wash to get the interior (as well as exterior) cleaned out.


Anime Crave.

Fiona thinks I have an addiction to my anime. I think I don't. I watch it when I can but not when the kids are awake or when I spend time with my wife (although she might think differently). When she's around, if she's reading her book, then I will watch it, otherwise I don't (or try not to).

Anyways I finished up the Ranma 1/2 series and have now started the Naruto series. I recall in one of Pete's blog, a while ago, about how he got hooked. So I decided to get a hold of a copy (220 episodes) and give it a go. Like Pete, I got hooked (still am). That has to be one of the best anime series (and I am only about 60 or so episodes into it). It's that good and freakin' hilarious. It makes my work days go quicker and I look forward to the next time when I can watch it.


Once Biten.

Last night we went to Baker's Square (down in Mission Viejo) for dinner. It was "Kid's Eat Free Tuesdays." Well as we were waiting for our food, we were chowing down on some bread. Natalie was whining because she got some bread stuck up in the ceiling of her mouth. Fiona had a crack at taking the bread out but Natalie was still whining. Then I took an attempt at it and that's when she bit down on my finger. That just hurt. Then she took it to the next level when I was trying to get my finger out. She bit down even harder. I yelped in pain and had to raise my voice while grabing her head to stop. Oh my gosh did she bite down really really hard. It looks like she broke a little skin underneath the nail (without breaking the nail)! My finger was throbbing through most of the night and even now when I type, it's sore.

Bedroom Repainted.

I spent last Thursday through Sunday prepping and painting out master bedroom. Fiona wanted a change and I had to oblige (sort of). I liked our original color (a pastelish green). Now it's a "powdered allspice" which is a brown with a hint of pink (fleshy looking). It's definitely a different look from before. Our room is darker, of course. I can't say whether Fiona or I like it just yet. I think we just need to get use to it (we're going to have to because I'm not painting our room again....for a long while at least). My arms were sore from all the painting and I'm sure I got a little high from all the paint fumes. Fiona and I camped out in the living room for the duration. At least not only was our master bedroom repainted, but it is now very clean.