Karate Kid redo?

Has it been that long since the original Karate Kid came out? Now Columbia Pictures is planning on a remake starring Jaden Smith (Will Smith's son).

Check the article out here.

You know you're getting old when they start remaking movies that you grew up watching.

Christmas Shopping Has Begun!

I think I did a title like this some years back.

Well, we have started our Christmas shopping. We started with Jadon since he seems the easiest. Fiona wants to expose him to the more main stream boy themes out there: Star Wars, Transformers, Power Rangers, Pokemon. So far we got him a couple of Star Wars Light Sabers. I told Fiona we should get two so he and I can play (I always wanted a light saber). We also bought a Transformer figurine for him as well. I've never heard of the character 'Acid Storm' before but its a Decepticon (bad guy) fighter jet. I think he'll get a kick out of that.

As for the girls, we're not sure what we are going to get yet. My Little Pony? Barbie?


Longest Away Yet.

So a few weeks ago my in-laws came back from a 7 week business/vacation/missions trip to China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. A week later they were talking about going to the Grand Canyon and taking Jadon a long. So the plan was to take him this last Friday and go until Tuesday. Jadon had a minimum day on Friday and has Monday off due to Veteran's Day. So he would miss Tuesday and possibly Wednesday school. Well as time was getting near, Fiona's dad saw this great deal for a Hawaii Package during that same time. I guess he figured, might as well spend a little more but a better trip. So off Jadon went with his grandparents to the land of paradise.

This has been the longest that Jadon has been away from us. Not sure how Fiona feels, but I am ok with it so far. Don't get me wrong, we miss the big guy but trimming our kiddie household by 1/3 has it's benefits too (taking one less bath, one less yapper, one less complainer, one less mouth to feed).


The Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

Usually it isn't a big deal when a child/baby cry when you drop him/her off at school or daycare or therapy. When we dropped Jadon off at school, it took only a few times for him to get over it. The same way with Vanessa too. But in Natalie's case, it's been long lasting and annoysome. She has been going to therapy for a few years and every time Fiona drops her off, she cries (sometimes pouts and clings). We've been dropping her off at Sunday (or in our case Saturday) school at church for quite some time now and she still cries. And of course school is the same for her as well. I understand the separation anxiety part but there's a time to grow out of it and Natalie hasn't gotten there. In some cases it seems to be getting worse.

Well yesterday, Fiona told me that she didn't cry, twice I might add. She had two therapy sessions in the morning and she didn't cry. I praised, hugged, kissed, and told her "How happy momma and dadda are." She was all over that. I hope she has gotten over that hump.