Hatin' On The One Ring....

For Christmas, Fiona was giving me gifts themed after each of the 12 days of Christmas. One of the gifts was a coupon to watch the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy (extended of course!). Probably one of my favorite movies. So the past three weekends (Fri.) & Sat.) we pulled out our sofa bed (in our living room), camped out, and have been watching them. As you may not know, Fiona isn't into these types of movies (i.e. Fantasy, Sci Fi). So it took a real strong effort for her to watch this series. So after watching all three movies, what did she think? Thumbs down. She didn't like it. She said that she doesn't ever want to do that again. Sigh....At least she got through with it. So much for watching Star Wars and Matrix.

"Sick" Excuse Begins.

It started shortly after his birthday. Jadon told us that he didn't want to go to school the next day (which was a field trip day) and wanted to stay home. I wonder why....could it be because he wants to play with his new presents?

Yesterday he told Fiona that he was too sick (due to a cough) to go to school. Except that he was too playful, playing with his toys, eating a lot of breakfast, and not coughing that much at all. Nice try little buddy.


Happy Birthday To My Kiddies.

I know I have been bad about blogging, especially on special occasions such as my kids' birthdays. Last Thursday we celebrated the girls' birthday with both grandparents. We ate at the Macaroni Grille and adjourned back to our place for cake and present opening. I can't believe that the girls' are already 4! Wow!

Last night (Wednesday) was Jadon's turn. We followed the same formula as the girls' except we went to the Elephant Bar. He's such a big boy at age 6. I make fun of him (and his classmates too) about the fact that he's 6 and still calls Fiona, "Momma." Fiona just loves it and continues to hope that he'll call her that forever.

The celebration isn't over yet, in a couple of weeks we are holding a combined birthday party for Jadon, Natalie, & Vanessa by inviting their friends and family to Pump-It-Up. It's a bounce house place. Even parents can play too!


Coin Collecting Hobby.

As of late, I have been really getting into coin collecting. Not too serious yet, I'll buy something here or there (and if it's really inexpensive). It actually started with the collecting of the state quarters (I need three more to complete the set!). Then last year (and this year) Fiona got me that years set (i.e. 2007 presidential coins, quarters, dimes, nickels, etc). Then I got a a few Morgan Silver Dollars (my mom's indirect influence; she had me order some for herself so I got myself some). Then I bought the entire set (uncirculated) state quarters for pretty good price (plus it came with some nickel set for free).

It was yesterday that I thought I would never do, but did. I was watching the Coin Collection on the Home Shopping Network (HSN). I went gaga over an item that the were selling, the entire state quarter set in 24k gold plated. I went so far as to call Fiona up and ask her if I could get it. It looks nicely presented and the sale price of it was reasonable (compared to the retail price). She gave the green light and I actually ordered something from HSN!

Sibling Love.

So here is how a conversation on how Jadon shows his love for his sisters (and this is repeated and repeated):

Jadon: Natalie, do you like me?

Natalie: No.

Jadon: Fine, then I am not going to pick you up anymore. Vanessa, do you like me?

Vanessa: Yes.

Jadon: Fine, then I will pick you up.

What a weirdo.


Date With My Girls.

Yesterday was a really productive day for me. Fiona, Jadon, and Fiona's parents went to watch some Chinese show out in Pasadena. So I had the girls all to myself for about 8 hours. I took the girls to my work for about 30 minutes. After being off from work for a few weeks, I figured I would get myself re-acclimated before I actually have to go into work the following day. Then we went over to Fiona's parents house where I took down all the Christmas lights and other decorations. After an hour of that I took the girls home for their afternoon nap. During that time I washed both cars. That took nearly 2 hours and by the time I finished, Vanessa had woken up. After I woke Natalie up, I ended up vacuuming the house. After hearing Jadon complaining "What is all this crap on the stairs?" and Natalie bothered by the "spiders" (black lint) on the carpet, I figured it was about time to bring out the Dyson. After that I got in 30 minutes of Wii jogging. Dinner time was rolling around and I took the girls out to Ruby's for some burgers and shakes. Then before going home, we stop by Target to pick up some orange juice that Fiona requested. I was pretty exhausted but the girls and I had fun.

First Of 2009.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and Happy New Years.

I was off of work from the 24th until Jan. 5th. We had a good Christmas followed by a trip to Las Vegas for three nights. Then the rest of vacation was spent trying to relax and recover from cold/coughs. Fiona was the only one who hasn't caught anything and for myself, it's been pretty mild (compared to the kids). All in all it was good.