Dream Ja Vu

Since the births of my two girls, my dreams have been playing mind tricks on me. There have been times that I dreamt of waking up in the middle of the night for a feeding and then I actually wake up only to find myself having to do a feeding. That's happened on a few occasions. Last night I had a dream that I was trying to fall asleep, I woke up from that and found myself trying to fall asleep again. Damn dreams.


Busy Easter Weekend.

We had a pretty eventful and busy Easter weekend. On Saturday we woke up early to take Jadon (and the girls) to a sports park near by for their annual Easter Egg Hunt. One word to describe it: chaos. Probably thousands of people (majority of them were kids) gathered on the fields separated by age groups. There were areas of the field that were filled with plastic easter eggs and candy, spralled across the grass. It was were taped off and At exactly 9:30 am all hell broke lose. Jadon was a little slow to grasp the concept of grabbing the eggs so I had to help him. I carried him about 20 feet in from our start point (to separate us from the crowd) and started to grab all that I could for Jadon. In two minutes, it was all over. It happened all so fast that Fiona couldn't get that many camera shots off. So what ended up happening was we reinacted the hunt. We took a few eggs out of Jadon's basket and placed it on the grass so he can grab them and we can get our shots. So that was an interesting experience to sat the least.

On Sunday, the family woke up early and went to church for a special Easter Sunday sermon. This is the first time that the girls have gone to church (and the first for Fiona this year). Our service was held at the Anaheim Convention Center this year. Service time started at 9:15 am, we started to get ready shortly after 7:00am. So just getting ready was a tiring experience. We dropped Jadon off at his Sunday school class and took the girls with us into the stadium. They behaved decently throughout service. So all in all the trip was marginally successful.


Together at last!

We finally got a shot with Jadon and his sisters! All photo albums have been updated!

A Thoughtful Act

Last Thursday night/Friday morning I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up at 8:00 am. You see, I ended up having Friday off because my work office was being fumigated. That meant that I had the honor of waking up with my wife for the nightly feedings. In my groggy state of mind I was trying to think of what just happened. I couldn't recall waking up for the 3:00am and 6:00am feedings. When was the last time I woke up? Was I just so out of it that I don't remember waking up for those feedings? As I continued to wake up, I realized my wife had left me sleeping during those feedings and I received 6 and a half hours of continuous sleep. A relaxing gift from my wonderful wife.


Busy, Busy, Busy....

Haven't done my daily (or every other day) post in a little bit. I've been busy and haven't had time to surf the web. The later half of last week I've been commuting up to L.A. The mobile scanner-trailor was servicing one of our contracts. So that meant waking up earlier, longer hours, commuting, and NO internet access. And in the midst of all of this I spent 4 hours at a Honda dealership (this was on Friday 7:00pm-11:00pm). I ended up trading in the 99 VW Jetta (Fiona's car) for a 2005 Honda Accord LX. Fiona and I have been thinking about it for a bit. Since her car is now the Pilot and I was driving the Jetta most of the time and didn't really like the (it's power sucked, felt cramped and unsafe, and the was no CD player) we decided to get something that I could enjoy driving and at the same time feel safe.

As far as the kids are going, Natalie is losing her voice (believe it or not!) because she has been crying and crying. That's probably part of the reason she isn't gaining weight at this point. Vanessa has been well. She continues to eat and sleep and cry. And then there's Jadon, he's a good little tyke. Fiona and I are stilly not getting any sleep but we're use to it (sort of).

Well that is all for now as far as a quick update.....


Two Months!

Holy schmoly, it's been exactly two months since the girls have been born! Damn that took a long time. The past few nights the twins have been kicking my ass so to speak. I've only gotten 6.5 hours of sleep the past 48 hours. 3 hours two days ago and 3.5 last night. This morning I am feeling the ill-effects of a lack of sleep and it hasn't even reached 8:00am yet!

Last Friday, the girls had their two month check up appointment. I don't know all the details but I will attempt to recite what I recall. I believe Vanessa weighed in 8 lbs 6 oz and measured 18 or so inches. She fell in the 7th percentile (but again this is not taking in consideration that she was a premie). I think Natalie weighed in 7 lbs 6 oz and measured around 17 or so inches. She didn't even make it on the percentile chart. Nothing to worry about though. They had a couple of their shots (they'll get a couple more upcoming Friday). I think that is what's making them really cranky. Fiona had remembered when Jadon had his shots, the doctor told us to give him some Tylenol shortly after. Apparently the doctors forgot to remind us to do that with the girls. Now I'm (and Fiona as well) suffering the consequences.


Random Happenings...

This entry covers randoms things going on in the family.

Jadon - he's been trying pronounce his sisters' names, Natalie and Vanessa. He says "Nana-nee" or "Nata-tee" for Natalie and (get this) "Ma-ta-ta" for Vanessa. Still got to get a picture of him and his sisters together.

Natalie - Fiona took her to an occupational therapist yesterday to work on her rooting reflexes. She doesn't open her mouth (like Vanessa does) when we put the bottle up to her mouth. We either have to pry her mouth open or wait until she cries. Also the past two weeks Natalie has had extremely bad acne all over her face but she has just about recovered and looking like a new girl.

Vanessa - All I can say is she's looking plump and cuter every day. She does fart a lot though. For a little baby she has a lot of gas (sometimes they sound like grown up ones).

Fiona & I - We're still getting little sleep and it's routinely busy around the clock. As the saying goes "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."


Daily Excursions.

Over the past few weeks we (as in Fiona, Jadon, the girls, and I) have actually wandered out into the public. Everytime we go out, I always refer us (mainly the girls) as the "freak show." Our dual stroller seems so long that it just feels like we bring attention to ourselves. It'll just take some time to get use to. We've actually went out to dine about a half dozens times or so and for the most part, it's been somewhat successful. Everytime we go out we get comments all the time such as "Are they twins?" or "You must have your hands full." This past Sunday we went to Dave & Busters which wasn't crowded at all. The volume was just high enough that if the girls were to cry, no one could really hear (except us of course).

On Saturday we ventured out to the South Coast Plaza mall. Jadon rode on his first merry-go-round. I went with him while Fiona hung back and took pictures (I'll have to look at those and hopefully post those). I asked him "are you having fun?" His response was "fun" with a smile. So I have to take that as he had an enjoyable time. I can't believe that the price to ride the merry-go-round is $1 (not that I'm cheap or anything). I use to remember eons ago that it was quarter to ride it. What was cool was they gave you a coupon for a free kids ice cream at Haagen Daaz with a purchase with a regular size scoop (except that cost 4 bucks). On this trip I had a middle eastern lady come up to me and comment on the girls. She ask the typical questions of "are they twins?, "how old are they?" But then she asked "are you done having kids?" and she started off about over population. I just nodded politely until she walked off. That was a new one.

Our next excursion will probably be to the Main Place Mall. Fiona and I are set to get new wedding bands to commemorate our 5 year wedding anniversary. I can't fit my current band (damn marriage/having-children/sympathy pounds ) and I didn't really want to stretch it. Plus Fiona wanted to get a band with five small diamonds on it. Wish us luck (taking the kids out that is).


Old Age.

I am afraid that this thing called "old age" has started to hit me. I have to face it that, although my mind still feels like a child, my body is taking it's toll. My knees are getting creeky everytime I get up from my single-mattress-on-the floor. Plus having a 30lb kid to carry doesn't help. Yesterday I ended up washing our two cars, nothing new, and last night my arm became extremely sore. It didn't feel like an-out-of-shape soreness. It actually was a pestering ache across my left arm and it got worse when I laid down to go to sleep. I couldn't lay in any position to alleviate the pain. I have never experienced this before. What's going to happen next? My back gives out? I have to figure out how to loose some weight. That's the bad thing about having kids, I end up gaining sympathy pounds. Sigh. Anyone know how I can motivate myself to exercise? I don't have money for fitness membership, and I had a treadmill which was a failed experiment.


Movie Realm Updated!

I add two more mpegs to Jadon's and I have now created a folder for Natalie & Vanessa. Enjoy!


I'm Sick.....Again!

I can't believe I got sick again! I caught it from Jadon this time. He apparently got his grandma sick (again) as well. Ugh. Hope he doesn't get his mama and his sisters sick.


Bird Socks!

Lastnight, the whole family went out for dinner to celebrate Fiona's Birthday. We received a special coupon from Marie Calendars, $5 off and free slice of pie for everyone in the party.

Anyways the amusing part of the night was what Jadon said. As noted in a previous post, Jadon sometimes wears socks with birds on them. When we ask him to say bird socks, he says "bird shit." Well it seems that as he tries to practice it more, the more it sounds different. He has modified it to somehow sound like "bull shit." So during dinner Fiona asks Jadon to say bird socks and he says "bull shit!" The whole family laughed hysterically which in turn makes him not only say it more but even louder. I was laughing but at the same time I was getting a little embarrased. I was afraid that people around us were thinking "what kind of people teach their babies bad word?." He has no idea why were laughing but he just goes on and laughs. It's still funny none the less. I have him saying that on video so I'll have to post that in my movie gallery link.

On a similar note Jadon will ask us to sit down next to him. He's actually saying sit here but it sounds like "shit here."

Movie Realm!

I have now added a "Movie Realm" heading. It's still a work in progress and hopefully I will have it somewhat completed soon. Enjoy!