Phone Booth

Last night we had the priveledge of watching yet another DVD! Jadon came down with a cough and stuffy nose so Fiona's mom took him early evening. So Fiona and I plopped in the movie "Phone Booth" which she had recently purchased. A nice short movie. I don't know if Fiona liked it but I thought that it was entertaining. Colin Farrell put on a great performance and Keifer's voice was eerie. First off I hope I never find myself in a situation of adultery and two I hope I am never stuck in a phone booth (or being held hostage over my sins). I would recommend this movie.

Baby x2 update...

Earlier this week Fiona took Natalie and Vanessa to the doctor's office to complete their R.S.V. vaccination shots. At that time they had a chance to weight them and there's good news and bad news. Let's start with the good news. Vanessa weighed in at approx. 10 lbs. She's been smiling, cooing, observative of her surroundings (as well as us), and hungry. The bad news, Natalie weighed in at 8 lbs. (same weight for the past month). She hasn't smiled, not cooing, still not eating right, not interactive and cries as if she were a newborn. She cries until her whole body and face turns red. It's been three months and she hasn't grown mentally and physically for a baby her age. Please pray for her. Thanks!


Cell Phone Problem Solved.

Over the past few months I have been experiencing cell phone problems such as phone freezes during calls, "reinsert sim card" when I receive text messages, and a stuck "end call" key. Fiona's phone had been acting up as well. She thinks that I have been deliberately sabotaging my phone so I can get a new one (not true!). Well we weren't due for an upgrade until the summer, until we received a upgrade special through the mailer. Fiona picked the Nokia 3120 (which was free!) and I picked the Motorola V220 ($19.99 after mail-in-rebate). Plus the activation/upgrade fee was waived. Both are very nice phones. Maybe I should have gotten the insurance. Because Cingular no longer has a return-your-old-cell-phone-for-rebate program, we have given our old phones to Jadon to play with (except now he wants to play with our new ones!).


Updates Galore!

All 2005 picture realms and all the movie realms have been updated! Enjoy!


Jadon's New Love Affair

Here is Jadon enjoying his new train set. He was so excited that the next morning, the first thing he said to his grandma (he stayed over her house) was that he want to go to "mama's house," "go upstairs," "play toy."


Diaper Miscommunication.

Last night when we were at Toys R' Us I noticed that Jadon had two big wet spots on this butt. I had just held him and I put him down when I saw this. I smelled my hands and I shook my head. He peed in his pants. He also pooed as well. I told Fiona this and asked her if she had changed his diaper earlier. Apparently not. She thought I changed his diaper and I thought vice versa. Oops. Boy, that diaper weighed a ton.

A Toys R' Us Night...

Last night we decided to go to Toys R' Us and look for a toy to get for Jadon. We weren't sure what we were going to get him, either a train set or something he can play outdoors. Well we walked in and we found the section where they had all the different types of trains (mainly Thomas Trains and Imaginarium Trains) and they had a few table-with-train set displays. Jadon was glued to that throughout the duration. Fiona and I also wanted to check out some other toys and when it came time to do that (which meant Jadon had to leave the train section) he started to cry. So I let play with the trains for a little longer. That was the first time he has cried at the toy store because he wanted to play with the toys. I attempted to pry him away from the trains again to look at other possible toys but he again cried. So after looking at all the differents sets and accessories (and convincing Fiona that Jadon really wants it) we settled on the Imaginarium table and train set (I think that this is his most expensive toy to date). Thomas Trains are a little scary with the faces on them. The set is for ages 3 years + but he's old enough to understand the concept of a train (plus he looked like he was having a lot of fun playing with the floor model). So Fiona went on to look at the outdoor toys. That meant that I had to pry Jadon away from the trains, grab a cart, and load it with the train set. Jadon cried again until he noticed that I told him that we were going to buy it while putting the train set box into the cart. After that he was on his best behavior. Fiona thinks that I want the train set to play with myself, and to a certain extent that's true (because I have always wanted a train set; motorized preferable), but it will be cool to see Jadon play with it as well. So today I have to plan on putting the thing together. Hopefully it won't take that long.....



I know you all have been anticipating this special moment, Vanessa finally blew...twice! Apparently it wasn't as messy as we thought it could be. What a relief!

I realized that that is what we have to look forward to. It's not a new movie that we just saw or something we bought. It's about our kids cooing, or taking dumps. That's what my life has to look forward to now. Exciting!


She's Gonna Blow!

Vanessa is on her 11th day without taking a poop and it's getting really scary. We asked the doctor a few days ago about it and whether we should give her a suppository, but the doc said that if she isn't in any discomfort then to hold off on it. Fiona and I have decided to go ahead with the bowel evacuation. I think Vanessa is trying to break Jadon's record of 12 days. Let me tell you, Vanessa's farts are odoriffic. They smell worse then adult farts. I can't believe this little creature can emit such a horrible, faint-causing stench. Wish us luck....keep you posted.


5 Year Anniversary addendum...

We had our renewal of vows and ring exchange. I am really pleased with the ring that I got. Nice white silver with a simple design.

So we ended up celebrating at a new nearby restaurant called Opah. It was a casual dining place (similar to Roy's Restaurant except a little cheaper). We had their "Crunchy Buttermilk Calamari" as an apetizer. I had the Rock Shrimp Pasta which was all right. The aroma reminded me of those Frozen Pizza Rolls that you can get at the supermarket. Fiona had the "Grilled Sugarcane Sesame Tenderloin with mango slaw and roasted garlic mashed potatoes." That was not too bad. And for dessert we shared the "Warm dark chocolate croissant bread pudding with bourbon crème anglaise" AND the "Warm chocolate souflée cake with vanilla bean ice cream." Quite tasty!

Now the next thing we did was quite eventful. This idea was suggested by Fiona's sister, Angeline. As previously noted, she (and her mom) came over to help baby sit. Well she used our bathroom which apparently had a broken lever so she told us that we can go to the Lowe's really close by and get the part. Well we did. Woohoo. At least I have a fixed toilet. Can't wait until next year....


5 Year Wedding Anniversary!

Today Fiona and I are celebrating our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary. We are commemorating this special occasion by holding a private ceremony were we are renewing our vows and exchanging new wedding rings. The to cap it off, Fiona's mom and sister are tag teaming the kids whild we go have a nice cozy dinner. Can't wait.....


Butt head.

It seems as of late that Jadon likes to butt his head into me. I'll keep telling him to stop it but he keeps doing it. If I am downstairs and Fiona's upstairs, I'll ask Jadon "Where's mama? Go look for mama, go!" Instead of going upstairs to looks for his mama he runs straight for me and butts his head right into my gut. A few times he came close to butting my head and once he rammed his head into my nose and it hurt like heck. Well, yesterday I hope he learned his lesson. I was feeding Natalie upstairs in our bedroom. I was sitting against the footboard (which is 2 feet or so high) of our bed and Jadon was standing a few feet from me. Fiona ended up going downstairs and I told Jadon "Follow mama! Go!" What did he do? He runs after me, head first. Apparently his aim was a little off. He narrowly misses me and rams his head into the wooden footboard and smacks his left eye. Boy did he cry (he even made Natalie cry too). I just shook my head and rolled my eyes. I almost laughed but I took the consoling-and-I-told-you-so approach. Now he has a red mark over his left eye. My little butthead.


Lakers Eliminated!

Not that it was any surprise, I just can't get over it. And now they are lottery bound. If I had to blame anyone for this, I'd blame Mitch Kupchak. I thought he was suppose to be this up-and-coming general manager, student of Jerry West's but he has made some bad calls. First off he shouldn't have gotten rid of Shaq (even though Shaq was being a butt about his contract extension). But if you are going to trade him, get something in return. I tried to look at the upside of the trade, Lamar Odom, Brian Grant, and Caron Butler but in the end it still a lopsided trade. Should have, at the very least, gotten some expiring contracts to free up the salary cap. Secondly, you sign Vlade Divac to a two year contract?!?! He was a good center and all but he's getting old and too injure-prone at his stage.

I can't stand watching the Lakers. The Clippers are now better then them in the standings! Luckily I have my kids to keep me occupied so I don't have to dwell on such a dismal season. Hopefully the Lakers can get a good lottery pick.


2 Year Old Chatter Box

I kept hearing how when kids turn two their vocabulary explodes. As a first time father I couldn't grasp how a kid can go from cooing and crying to all of a sudden speaking words and forming three-plus-word sentences. Well I've seen it and I am just astounded by Jadon (and in general the human child). Bam! Out of nowhere he's talking. He just chatters and chatters and each new day he is always saying something new. Once in a while, even though I shouldn't inhibit his learning, he repeats himself so much that I get a little annoyed and tell him "I know, I know" or "Ok I got it" or "enough!" He'll end up being a kid when you go on a road trip he'll say "are we there yet?" (every five minutes) or "I have to go to the bathroom." Sometimes he'll say things that can be embarassing. He was with Fiona one day and he saw a pregnant person. He pointed at her and told Fiona "big!" He's funny.