Lake Arrowhead.

Last Friday, on my day off, Fiona, the kids, and I headed up the mountains to Lake Arrowhead. It had just snowed the previous night and we figured that it was time to expose the girls to snow for the first time. We arrived in about an hour and fifteen minutes and proceeded to grab some lunch. Initially it was really cold. My hands were getting numb but after lunch, I was warmed up. We ate a cozy little restaurant called The Belgian Waffle. After that we played in some snow (a little icy). All the kiddies had a blast (check out my flickr site for some pictures). Natalie kept on falling and whined because she didn't know how to get up from the snow. When it was time to leave the girls began to flip out and cry. So we found another patch of untouched snow and played for another 5-10 minutes and then we head out. This time only Natalie threw a fit.

On our way home (which we temporarily got lost), there was something that was never done or seen before. All three kiddies fell asleep. It was almost heavenly to witness. First Jadon passed out and snored. Then Natalie whined herself to sleep (and snored). Finally Vanessa succombed to sleep (with a snore as well). Fiona and I were just in awe of the sight. Too cute.


Date #2.

Lately Jadon has bugging Fiona that he wants to go out on a date with her. So this morning, this is how our conversation went:

Fiona asks me: "Am I going to go out on a d-a-t-e with him today?" (She spelled it out so that way Jadon can't understand the crux of our conversation. Apparently though, I think at some point he will be able to tell what we are spelling, like this morning)

Jadon hears the question and says: "Momma, I want to go out on a date."

Fiona asks: "Where do you want to go, Rainforrest Cafe?"

Jadon says: "No. I want to go to Sam Woo."

I would think most kids would want to go to someplace fun like McDonalds or Burger King. Not our kid. He wants Sam Woo.....what 4 year old kids requests Sam Woo?!?!?!


Date Night Tonight.

Tonight, Fiona's mom is going to "baby" sit (after the kids go to sleep of course) so that means Fiona and I will be going out on a date. Actually it's an early birthday dinner date because Fiona's parents will be going out of the country next week (when it's her real birthday). I plan to take my lovely wife to the Catal Restaurant in Downtown Disney. Everytime we walk by there (when we go to Disneyland or California Adventure) she keeps pointing it out. So I took that as a hint. We will be dinning there and then afterwards will be up in the air. Perhaps we'll go bowling since we haven't done that in the longest of time. It's suppose to rain so we may be limited. Because it will probably be a late night, I am taking tomorrow off. Woohoo!


Trouble Makers.

Lately I haven't felt like blogging. Actually I came down with a mild cough & congestion (I think I got it from Jadon).

This past Monday, Fiona called me up at work to vent out her frustration on just how bad the kids were acting. Vanessa was moody, and Jadon and Natalie were getting themselves in trouble. She told me that she had found both Jadon and Natalie sitting on his bed (a no-no for Natalie since she is clumsy-impaired) eating diaper rash cream! It was all over their mouths. Fiona had lectured him about how bad it is to eat medicine. He apparently denied any wrong doing despite having some cream on his mouth. Luckily they didn't seem to have eaten much and were unaffected. Than later they had emptieda dresser drawer and had broke (but fixable) the one underneath Natalie's crib.

Kids will be kids I guess. A look in to what our future beholds.



Yesterday, Fiona was telling me an incident that happened at the mall. Here's how it went:

Fiona took all three kiddies to the mall and, as usual, there was some gawkers. Specifically there was a couple.

Male: Look there twins!

Female: Oh twins! How old are they?

Fiona: They're two years old.

Female: Both of them?

Nice. Fiona said that she was dead serious when she asked that. Not even a lightbulb went on realizing what she had just asked.


Wonder Twins.

Remember the cartoon series The Wonder Twins? It's about two teenagers who have special powers and the only way they can activate their powers is by touching their hands together. Well I liken Natalie and Vanessa to them. Individually, on their own, they don't stand out in the crowd. By this I mean when we are out in public, they don't get the oohs and aahs if they are separated. But if you have them there together, the ooglers come out. I would have to say that every time we eat out and we are at out table, we get two or three people walking by and asking "are they twins?" or "how cute!" I always thought that twins were somewhat common nowadays but I guess not. Hopefully when they are old enough, they will be able to use their powers for good.

Pacifier Mentalness.

Last week, Vanessa has been exhibiting some frustrating, pacifying, mentalness. She's been pulling the pacifier and clip off herself and either been dropping it out of her crib or misplacing it. When she does this, she ends up crying. A few times she has been doing this in the wee hours of the morning (3:00am or 4:00 am). Fiona and I have been lecturing her but I don't think she gets what we are saying. So Fiona decided to buy some ribbon and sew it on her pjs. When we put her to sleep, we heard her whining because she couldn't pull off the pacifier and ribbon. What a little nutcase she is. In the morning when I went to get her out of bed, she just smiled with pride and pointed to her pacifier and clip (as if she meant to say "look, I kept it on all through the night.").
I just hope that Natalie doesn't come around to doing the same thing.


Anime Phase.

Lately I have been getting back into watching Anime. Currently I am watching Tenchi Muyo. I really like the series. I am not exactly sure how I got interested in the series. But I think back in my early college days I just went down to Tower Records and was looking (at the time) at their limited Anime collection. I browsed over the section and saw the series and thought "what the heck" and gave it a try. Now I am hooked on it (again). After that, I am going to watch Ranma 1/2 (this time the whole series). Another awesome series that I got hooked on back in high school. I remember that Pete and I would go to a video rental store (that had Japanese imports and anime) in Monterey Park literally every other day to rent the series (the store only allowed a certain number of videos to be checked out). A commute that was probably almost an hour (one way). I have to say that we (Pete more so than I) were crazy to do that but it was worth it.