The Day Is Coming....

The day has almost come. Tomorrow I will a changed man. The time has come to get fixed, neutered (so to speak), re-wired, etc . My scheduled appointment is 2:15 pm. For some reason my wife thinks that I am looking forward to it. I beg to differ. I have relegated myself to the fact that this procedure is inevitable. So what's the point of prolonging it? I am scared out of my mind about getting this but at the same time I am anxious to get this over and done with. I'll let you know how it turns out....


Busy busy...

So last Friday I had to drive up to my best friend's, Steve and his fiance's wedding rehearsal that was up in Big Bear. I followed right behind them leaving at about 2:20pm. We didn't get there until close to 6:00pm. The wedding ceremony took place in a gacebo overlooking the lake and the reception was held in a tent near by. Very beautiful and majestic. After rehearsal we had the dinner where I had a delicious bowl of New England Clam Chowder and a very flaky Salmon Wellington. I left the dinner at about 9:00pm and drove back down to Irvine. The drive time was about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

The next day we dropped the kiddies off at the grandparents at about 11:00am, grabbed a quick lunch, and headed up to big bear. It took about 2 hours and 20 minutes to get up there. The ceremony was pretty short in itself. One of the bridesmaid had started a jolly rancher and the ceremony finished before she could even finish it. The reception started at about 5:30pm or so and shortly after everyone was seated I had the honor of giving a roast...I mean toast to Steve. I hope people enjoyed my speech because I put a considerable amount of thought into it. We didn't leave the wedding until about 8:45 pm. Fiona had called her mom to see how she was doing with the kiddies. Apparently it didn't go to well. The girls had slept very little and Jadon was feeling neglected.

Well congratulations to Mr. Steve & Kindra Chen on their wonderful day!


Pretty Busy Next Few Days...

Over the next couple of days, it's going to be a little busier then usual. Hopefully at the same time I will be able to enjoy myself as well. My best friend, Steve, is finally getting married! I'm so excited for him. He was the best man at my wedding and now I get the honor to be his on his special day. Today, after work I have to go pick up my tuxedo for this upcoming Saturday. Tonight, Fiona, the kids, and I are going over for a modified bachelor/bachelorette get together over by his place. Then tomorrow after work I got to jet on over up to Big Bear (where the wedding will be held) for rehearsal and dinner. That's going to be a few hour drive up there and then I have to head back down home (I anticipate getting home between 10-11pm, I hope). Then the next day Fiona and I are going to drop the kiddies over at their grandparents and head back up there. I had the option to stay up there but my thoughts are it would probably be better to go home and help take care of the kids (for my sake at least).


What A Mess!

I went over to pick Jadon up from his grandparent's today. Fiona's mom told me that something had happened with Jadon. This was the crux of the conversation:

Jadon went up to her and said "Dirty hands."
Fiona's mom looked at his hands and saw something brown and asked "What's this?"
Jadon says "Poo poo."
Fiona's mom smells his hand and gives the look of disgust. Apparently he had gotten his clothes all dirty. She had to strip him naked and shower him off.
She later asked him to the effect of "how does it smell?"
His response "Smell good!"

Oh great! So I got a cannibal in Vanessa, and a fecal lover in Jadon. I wonder what Natalie is going to be....


Double Sigh.

Last night at Rain Forest Cafe, after dinner, I was carrying Natalie and Vanessa in my arms and walking around their gift shop.

A lady comes up to me and comments "What cute little boys you have there."
No response from me.
The lady asks "Are they twins?"
I say "Yup."
Blah blah blah and then she comments "What handsome little babies' and leaves."

I found this to be comical. I didn't bother to correct her because I didn't really want to exert the time and effort to prolong the situation. I was spending time with my two girls and I was in my own little world with them. I guess it didn't help that they were wearing baby blue dresses but still...

A Pleasant Father's Day.

I still don't feel like a pops quite yet.

Yesterday was a nice celebration of Father's day. Fiona's mom volunteered to take the twins while Fiona, Jadon, and I went to church. Then after we bought some food over and ate with Fiona's parents and then we adjourned back to home where all the kiddies took their afternoon naps (long ones I might add). And then for dinner we met up with Fiona's parents, sister and her fiance at Rain Forest Cafe. Nothing out of the ordinary.

What was really cool though was what Fiona (and the kids) gave me for my Father's day gift. Fiona had made this 3x3 inch card. On the left side of the page was a kid's foot print and on the other side was a poem from each child (translated by Fiona). It was a sweet, sweet gift. Almost brought a tear to my eyes.


Weighty Update....

For the past few weeks Fiona has been weighing the girls (on a special scale that she borrowed from her mom's work). This week Natalie weighed in at 9lbs 3 oz. A mere 4 oz gain since last week. Vanessa came in at 12lbs 2 oz. About 8oz gain. She is just about 3 lbs more then her older sister. Eek! They're gaining slowly but at least they're gaining.


Foot Fetish.

Last night Fiona caught Vanessa resorting back to her cannabalistic ways again. This time she was munching on Natalie's foot.


Work Novelty.

Today is the start of the revamping of our mobile trailor. That means for two weeks there are no patients scheduled which means I got to find something to do at work to keep me occupied and will get me my hours. My boss gave me a list of journal references to pull. So this morning I headed out (with a co-worker of mine) to U.C.I.'s Science Library. I had to pull about 15 or so articles which took us a little over 2 hours to do. So what else did we do to kill some time? We decide to go and have a visit with a couple of friends, Shirley and Swit. They work over at the U.C.I. Medical Plaza. It was great to do some catching up. I feel that our friendship has a unique bond because we were all former Presidents of the Laotian Thai Cultural Club. After our encounter with them, my coworker and I ate lunch and pretty much called it a day.


Movie Realm....

has been updated.


Having Kids = Everyday Show

I was just thinking recently what it's like to have to take care of kids on a daily basis. I can almost compare it to the preparation and performance of a Culture Night. Back in college, the Laotian-Thai Cultural Club would do a once-a-year Culture Night. The preparation of that one special night can last up to six months (perhaps even longer). Anyways, taking care of the kids is just like that except there's no adrenaline involved. The stress is comparable if not worse. Fiona and I have to come up with ways to entertain our little kiddies throughout the day and then bathe them and put them to bed at night. The evening-to-early-night is when things can get really stressful because the girls get cranky, Jadon wants to play, and then there is the preparation work to get ready for the bath (kids' laundry every night, bottle steralization, clean up toys). But when all is said and done, it can be a huge relief (just like the completion of a successful Culture Night performance). And then it starts again the next day, and the next day.....

Tag-Teaming Twins!

Yesterday we drove home from church which is about a 25-minute drive or so. The twins literally took turns crying the entire time. Unforturnately there wasn't anything we can do about it because it is such a strain to try to fidget with their pacifiers while the car is moving. Natalie started off the leg for the first five minutes. Then as soon as she stopped, Vanessa whaled for the next 15 minutes straight. The second she stopped crying, Natalie took the remainder of the trip. The crying was so bad that Jadon finally expressed his thoughts about if for the first time by saying "baby cry, no like it." I'm with him.



The girls, despite their stunted growth, have hit some milestones. Some of this might seem trivial but as parents, it reassures us that they are developmently coming along.

Yesterday Vanessa started rolling from her back to her belly. Her first try took a little bit of time but as soon as she did it, she got the hang of it and was doing it throughout the night. Every now and then she would take a rest and you can see her breathing a little harder. (I have a clip that I'll have to post)

Natalie has recently started to make talking sounds. It is really cute how she sounds. Last night her and Vanessa were lying in their play mat and facing each other. Natalie wast trying to talk to her and Vanessa just smiled back. It was just adorable. (I'll post that as well).

With their development, I am just starting to like them. It's hard to bond with a child, when all they do is sleep, poop, and cry a lot all the time. But when they show that they can do other things developmentally, it makes them more interesting.


Getting The Ball Rolling (no pun intended)

Yesterday I had an appointment with a urologist regarding having a vasectomy done. The whole appointment lasted only 40 minutes (from the time I arrived to the time I left). I got checked in, the nurse took my temperature and my blood pressure, watched a vasectomy video, and met with the doctor. Everything went smoothly except for the last part. Let's just say that I have never dropped my drawers for anybody (except for my wife ;)). That was slightly uncomfortable, but I didn't show it in the slightest (my uncomfortablenss that is). So on July 1st, Friday at 2:15pm, the procedure will be performed and I will be, in a sense, a new man. I'm scared to have this procedure but I have relegated my self to getting this process done (and done soon). Why prolong the inevitable? I know that this is a permanent thing but I also know 100% that I am done with having kids. That doesn't mean that I still can't have kids though. Vasectomies are not 100% effective (believe it or not).